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Apple Season -- What's your favorite apple?

by gardengirl

Cortland Apple
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Longing for apples....

We had our first cold front blow through this weekend and it made me want to cook some fall-ish items. That is until the temps rose back into the 90's and the moment passed. However, in the mean time, I found a great chart at about a multitude of apple varieties and their best uses. I thought I would share some of the information here. 

We are not fortunate enough to have many of the varieties that were listed on that chart in the average grocery store where I live. But you can be sure that I am going to start frequenting some of the specialty markets for some pie apples. I mentioned in another post that Macoun's were my favorite, but I have to say I also like Cortland apples (best for pies, sauces and fruit salad), and Winesaps  when I can find them! Winesaps are great for pies, sauce and cider. My father's favorite apples were MacIntoshs. My mom occasionally ordered some for him around his birthday. He liked to eat them fresh, but according to the almanac folks, they are best for sauce. Fujis are readily available here and I look forward to the new crop that is available at my local Costco Warehouse. Fujis are good for baking and holding their shape. They are firm, sweet and juicy. 

What's your favorite apple?







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