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The edges of the leaves of my cucumber seedlings look like they're burned... what should I do?

posted on 05/17/10. 0 answers


The edges of the leaves are browned as if burned... they are inside in starter pots.  Any ideas??
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Figs with basil & goat cheese

posted on 05/04/10. 1 comment


A friend of mine I was visiting has a fig tree and we made this delicious appetizer. Even if you can't get them fresh off the tree, you HAVE to try and make this!
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What is the best way to harvest my lettuce?

posted on 04/27/10. 2 answers


I am growing lettuce in containers on the roof of my apartment building and have no idea how to harvest.  Any help would be great.
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Roses in containers

posted on 11/11/09. 3 answers


Wondering if it is possible to grow roses in containers, and if so, which are the best for that?
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Fun Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween!

posted on 10/20/09. 0 comments


I stumbled upon these pumpkins all carved in super cool and funny ways.
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Gardening as exercise

posted on 10/05/09. 1 comment


Kill two birds with one stone!
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