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big leaf in Hawaii

posted on 11/05/09. 2 comments


Hawaii gardens
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Stone in Japan

posted on 09/17/09. 4 comments


The Japanese use stone everywhere. It's part of the natural landscape. Nowhere is it more apparent than in Matsue.
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Water where you want it, how you want it

posted on 09/11/09. 2 comments


In Japan, spectacular water features are everywhere. Shrines, gardens, castles, and public squares all have unique and interesting water features. Nowhere were they more apparent than in the gardens surrounding the Shimane Museum of Ancient Izumo.
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Japanese trees in Shimane

posted on 09/09/09. 2 comments


In my first stroll through Shimane, I first noticed the trees. The Japanese are truly tree whisperers.
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Harmony in Shimane, Japan

posted on 09/09/09. 1 comment


The garden surrounding the Adachi Museum of Art was ranked the best in Japan by America's Journal of Japanese Gardening for six years running. Everything here is intentional. The shape of the trees, the rocks, the water, the paths that guide you.
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