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Pickling Peppers

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Taking time to Reflect....

posted on 10/05/11. 2 comments


So the growing season is coming to an end, while this makes me a little sad I do LOVE the fall weather that has finally hit New England!! Theres nothing better then on a saturday morning sitting out on the deck with an oversized hoodie on and a cup of tea
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Infused Olive Oil

posted on 09/13/11. 2 comments


Trying this for the first time!
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Pickling Peppers

posted on 09/10/11. 4 comments


so we tried pickling peppers last night and i&#x27;m really excited to try them!! <br/> <br/>Quart sized jars 1 Teaspoon of Kosher Salt(this helps prevent the liquid from becoming cloudy) 4-5 Whole garlic cloves(we experimented on different amounts for different jars
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Can anyone suggest a pickling recipe for peppers?

posted on 09/08/11. 2 answers


Ive been gardening for a few years now and this was my first year that we tried Peppers. I would like to try and picklle them since theres so many. does anyone have suggestions on a good recipe?
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