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Urban Gardening on Cement; Easy tips on container gardening.

posted on 08/15/14. 0 comments


Do you lack useable earth to dig in a garden? <br/>Do you have a space even a small space that&#x27;s covered in cement? <br/>Then consider the bounty that can be created with clever usage of containers.
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I am searching for a source of a type of cactus.

posted on 02/25/13. 1 answer


I am searching for a plaid cactus that is typically found grafted. Here is the tricky part I don&#x27;t like the grafted look. I want a non grafted plant. <br/>I am searching for the bright orange, yellow, red or pink ( plaid cactus ). If you have a source or kno
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African Violets Rebloom tip

posted on 07/09/12. 1 comment


I hope someone finds this of use... I know its not that great leap of imagination but it took me decades to finally do it..
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GARDENING TIPS hope someone finds this of use...

posted on 07/09/12. 0 comments


Tips for those of us with or without yards... but still have to grow something.
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Bonsai book suggestion

posted on 02/10/11. 1 comment


I have a old school non internet suggestion for very good basic information on bonsai.. Its called a book...LOL... some people may of forgotten these things made from paper and held in the hand..LOL... I know I have dry humor forgive my silliness. I thought I would share an outstanding &quot;must have&quot; book In my opinion. <br/> <br/>
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What are these Italian Orchids : summer 2010

posted on 02/10/11. 3 answers


Here is two types of orchids I seen walking up the mountain road to Corciano, Italy from the Villa I was lucky to stay at last summer....growing wild along the side of the road. <br/> <br/>The taller orchid was rather tall something close to 2 feet tall as I recall.The shorter orchid the one with roundish petals was 12 inches or shorter and I seen on this same path / road two color versions the pinkish one and a white one.(Alba) <br/> <br/>Would love to know the name / type of orchids if anyone out there knows.
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