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What's Up...Besides Weeds

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I hated to do it, but ...

posted on 06/06/11. 3 comments


We had to cut down our Bing cherry tree this weekend. I have been trying to save it for the past three years from blight. It was like watching our tree bleed to death. Every year I tried cutting off affected branches, but this year more than half the tree
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April showers bring moss and weeds

posted on 04/05/11. 2 comments


Can I put chemicals on my lawn twice in a month without harming it?
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Hidden Rope Lights Make for Beautiful Evening Ambience

posted on 04/05/11. 3 comments


<br/>I lived in Alberta Canada for six years so this is an image from our 3A garden. My husband built this great deck, but I was a little worried someone would miss the step in the dark. We talked about different options, but the we ended up deciding on the
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Raise a leaf if you're still alive!

posted on 03/28/11. 4 comments


I don&#x27;t know about your yard, but mine is really showing the results of an ugly winter. The Pacific NW has been so wet and in between the rain we&#x27;ve had quite a bit of freezing weather this year. <br/>I start getting spring fever long about February because,
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