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All About Bulbs

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Planting Emergency!!!

posted on 09/17/09. 3 comments


Yep- you can grow your own saffron spice. Now is the time so you can get in on the fall blooming action.
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Some tips on tulips

posted on 09/14/09. 0 comments


It is fall and it's time for tulips....
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Favorite Alliums

posted on 08/03/09. 0 comments


Here's a look at some of my most favorite alliums. Most of these I have in my garden, and they perform year after year- and best of all they are insect and deer resistant!
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Awesome Alliums

posted on 08/03/09. 0 comments


Spectacular! Imagine flower heads that look like fireworks, exploding in the garden! Can you imagine flowering onions—not your everyday, ordinary garden-variety onions, mind you, but beautiful, ornamental onions putting on a show in your garden?
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