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Incandescent grow lights for indoor gardening

posted on 03/08/11. 2 comments


Incandescent grow lights will typically produce the red-yellowish end of the light spectrum with an approximate color temperature of around 2700 K. Though they are many times labeled as growing lights, they are not good growing lights. The are much less e
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High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lights

posted on 01/28/11. 1 comment


High intensity discharge (HID) lights are the most commonly used grow light since they give off a greater amount of lumens (visible light power) per watt of incoming electricity to the light. HID lights are commonly preferred over fluorescent and incandes
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Indoor Grow Lights for Your Garden

posted on 01/27/11. 0 comments


The key to a good garden is knowing the light requirements of your plants. After you know that, choosing the right light system is easy.
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Different Types of Hydroponic Systems

posted on 01/11/11. 1 comment


There are several different types of methods that a gardener can employ in hydroponic gardening. This article helps explain the different types of hydroponic systems and the potential challenges and benefits of each type.
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How Can Beneficials Benefit Your Garden?

posted on 11/12/10. 0 comments


Whether gardening outdoors, indoors, in soil, or in water, there are beneficial organisms that can be beneficial to your garden. Some of these benefits can include healthier soil, pollination, and pest control. Obviously the opposite of the beneficial org
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