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posted on 03/22/13. 0 comments


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Root Knot Nematodes

posted on 03/07/13. 0 comments


Garden saga of fighting root knot nematodes
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Basil Pesto

posted on 02/12/13. 0 comments


An old Italian recipe for traditional pesto.
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Seed Starting

posted on 01/26/13. 0 comments


How to start veggies by seed
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what to do with over eager garlic

posted on 10/29/12. 1 answer


Hi all, <br/>I planted and mulched my garlic at the end of sept. I put down 12 inches of hay only to find numerous (probably about 50%) bulbs have sprout through the mulch .Not sure if this is ok .Any suggestions ? thanks
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Apple Season -- What's your favorite apple?

posted on 09/10/12. 1 comment


Longing for apples....
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Morning Glory Muffins

posted on 08/29/12. 1 comment


A great in hand breakfast with autumn ingredients you can make ahead for those mornings you are rushing out the door. <br/>
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Apple Season

posted on 08/27/12. 0 comments


In anticipation of the apple harvest - here are some recipes!
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Fall Vegetable Gardening - Central Texas

posted on 08/15/12. 1 comment


Want a fresh vegetable crop this Fall? Now is the time to plant!
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Latest Crop - Apples

posted on 08/10/12. 0 comments


August is upon us - the end of summer is in sight, the days are becoming shorter, school is back on the radar and though it&#x27;s still really hot where I live, the promise of cooler weather is close. It&#x27;s almost apple time!
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posted on 04/27/12. 1 comment


Garden Harvest already!
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Simple Tips to Grow Asparagus

posted on 10/17/11. 2 comments


Asparagus can be grown from seed, or by planting crowns that have been purchased or that have been separated from your own existing plants.
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tomatoes in February

posted on 02/16/11. 8 comments


My tomato plant that I have been babying in the greenhouse has finally decided to set some tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes in March. Yum. I am also experimenting with layering this plant as well as trying to start some plants with cuttings. It will be fun to see how it goes.
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Recipe Contest

posted on 02/14/11. 10 comments


I just found this website (dig the dirt..BTW I dig it) and am really happy about it, and this group. I am a horticulturalist and have been working with plants for the last 10 years (ever since I graduated HS) gardening is also a hobby of mine, and so is cooking. I work for and thought that our first ever recipe contest (Homegrown Recipe Contest) would be something that was right up this groups alley! All you do is submit a recipe using veggies or fruits from your garden and then you have the chance to win $100.00 to spend at HBF (no purchase necessary it is completely free!) Let me know if you want further details or any company information! <br/> <br/> <br/>
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Container Gardening | the best flowers, vegetables and herbs to grow

posted on 12/09/10. 2 comments


Container gardening is one of the easiest ways to garden. Thank you to Renee&#x27;s Garden for all these tips!
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Mushroom, Leek and Chicken Soup with Peas and Lemon Thyme

posted on 12/09/10. 0 comments


Wonderful recipe from Renee&#x27;s Garden!!!
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how to make newspaper pots for seedlings | video

posted on 12/03/10. 2 comments


This is an easy and cheap way to grow seedlings for your garden this year. There is nothing required except for a can from the pantry, newspaper and some masking tape!
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Planting a square foot salad garden | video

posted on 12/03/10. 1 comment


The Square foot Gardening method originated by Mel Bartholomew is one of the most tried and true ways to plant your raised vegetable bed. Here we have a video tutorial on how to create a Square foot salad garden for you to try!
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Mercer Island school gardening curriculum

posted on 11/19/10. 2 comments


We have started a school learning garden at my son&#x27;s school and I am trying to come up with a bunch of lesson for the school year. This should be an adventure.
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Saving Nasturtium Seeds

posted on 09/07/10. 2 comments


Although your Nasturtiums will reseed themselves, it is always a fun thing to collect the seed pods and dry them for the next year!
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How to store your onions and potatoes

posted on 09/04/10. 4 comments


Reuse the mesh that onions come in, when you buy from the store, for your own onions. Unused laundry bags work great for potatoes. Lots of air flow to reduce spoiling. <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>
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Topiary and Tiramisu

posted on 09/03/10. 1 comment


Introducing a new garden blog!
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Cucumbers - update!

posted on 07/28/10. 3 comments


I had written earlier that my cucumber plant was not producing, but things have changed!
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Interesting Jam and Jelly!

posted on 07/12/10. 2 comments


Aw.. today has been very busy.&amp;nbsp; We, my mother and I, have been busy making jam and jelly for our home and to sell at the local farmer market.&amp;nbsp; We made some tried and true recipes and experimented with a few new. <br/>One tried and true that we made
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My Tomato plant

posted on 06/18/10. 2 comments


I am really looking forward to juicy tomatoes!
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Why are my baby cucumbers dying?

posted on 06/17/10. 3 answers


My cucumber plant seems to be full of baby cukes, but shortly after the flower dies, so does the baby cuke.&amp;nbsp; What do I need to do?
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Greek Quinoa Salad

posted on 06/15/10. 3 comments


Using fresh herbs from your garden such as parsley and mint makes the flavors of the cucumbers and tomatoes pop! This is a perfect summer salad that you can make and take to a party as a fresh side dish with lots of home-grown vegetables.
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Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette

posted on 06/15/10. 1 comment


I love lemon herbs such as: lemon balm, lemon thyme, lemon basil and lemon verbena and was delighted to find this vinaigrette recipe to use these lemon herbs in the summer edition of Edible Austin.
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The Tomato Chronicles

posted on 05/20/10. 2 comments


<br/>On my blog this month I am sharing my quirky relationship with the tomato...through my illustrations and stories.&amp;nbsp; You can jump right in by visiting The Lunch Box Project! Hope to see you there!
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Wordless Wednesday- it's nice to be silent!

posted on 05/19/10. 4 comments


Every Wednesday bloggers from around the world just show some simple gardening pictures they love- no words. I am going to follow their lead- come join me and do your own &quot;wordless wednesday&quot; post every Wednesday!
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The edges of the leaves of my cucumber seedlings look like they're burned... what should I do?

posted on 05/17/10. 0 answers


The edges of the leaves are browned as if burned... they are inside in starter pots.&amp;nbsp; Any ideas??
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What is this powdery mildew on my zuccini plants?

posted on 05/16/10. 2 answers


I think my zucchini might have powdery I treat it or rip it out?&amp;nbsp; What do I treat it with?
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When is the right time to harvest Bok Choy... and how?

posted on 05/07/10. 2 answers


<br/>OK, so I am pretty new at all this vegetable stuff outside cherry tomatoes! My bok choy is starting to look pretty big and yummy, but I&#x27;m not sure if it&#x27;s time to harvest? And, if it is, it seems like at the store, it&#x27;s basically the entire plant cut ri
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Come on little seedlings...

posted on 05/07/10. 1 comment


Seed starts have never been my thing... but this year, with a lot of encouragement, we started vegetable seeds in our living room. So far so good!
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Strawberry–Goat Cheese Bruschetta

posted on 05/06/10. 2 comments


My wife started making these last year and they are the FRIGGIN BEST! If you don&#x27;t love these I will personally pay you back for the ingredients purchased (only if original receipts are included and video footage of you shopping is provided).&amp;nbsp; <br/>&amp;nbsp
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Figs with basil & goat cheese

posted on 05/04/10. 1 comment


A friend of mine I was visiting has a fig tree and we made this delicious appetizer. Even if you can&#x27;t get them fresh off the tree, you HAVE to try and make this!
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I ate my spinach

posted on 04/30/10. 5 comments


Tendergreen Mustard Spinach has been grown and eaten. If you wanna know how to get your kids to eat it... one word - BUTTER.
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Bloom and Grow!

posted on 04/30/10. 2 comments


I love Spring!&amp;nbsp; <br/>The Garden woke up this year with my heirloom irises blooming profusely.&amp;nbsp; They came from my friend Carol, who got hers from another friend.&amp;nbsp; Pass along plants are the best! <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>One of my favorite plants blooms this t
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q & a with Ward House- official dig the dirt contributor

posted on 03/16/10. 4 comments


Annette of Ward House is an amazing woman who took her teen-aged daughters out of a fast paced lifestyle and is trying her best at &quot;homesteading&quot;. Here she tells us why and how this all came to be! Inspiring to say the least.
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How do you prevent squash bugs?

posted on 03/10/10. 4 answers


Squash bugs can really wipe out a sqash crop, and I wanted to know how to prevent them before they attack!
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Helping you raise your mason bees

posted on 03/08/10. 8 comments


We are so lucky to have people in this world who care so much about the bees in this world. Dave Hunter is one of those people!
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when to start, and with what??

posted on 03/07/10. 4 answers


Based on Steve Solomon&#x27;s `Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades&#x27; and `The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide&#x27; from Seattle Tilth, I think I&#x27;m ready to order seeds and start sowing spinach, bulb onions and maybe a few potatoes, plus some flowers.&amp;nbsp; Is i
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Pepper Care Guide: How to Grow Peppers

posted on 03/05/10. 0 comments


As their name would suggest, peppers like it hot! While not the hardest vegetable to grow, they do not like cold temperatures, similar to eggplants. Here are some quick tips for growing peppers.
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Pepper Care Guide: Types of Peppers

posted on 03/05/10. 0 comments


Peppers have an incredibly wide range of tastes, shapes, colors and texture. They are a staple for so many types of cuisine. And, they&#x27;re fun to grow! Here is a quick guide to the different types of peppers.
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Eggplant Care Guide: Types of Eggplants

posted on 03/05/10. 0 comments


Eggplants are the perfect addition to any kitchen garden as they come in many shapes and sizes, offering the cook and gardener a varied set of tastes and textures. Add this plant to your kitchen garden for extra flavor and color!
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Varieties specific for Pacific Northwest

posted on 03/04/10. 3 answers


Howdy!&amp;nbsp; I want to grow radishes, carrots and peppers in the garden bed- do you guys know of a specific variety of any of these that are good for the PNW?
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Tomato Basics & Care Guide: How to Grow Terrific Tomatoes

posted on 03/04/10. 3 comments


It&#x27;s easy! Just follow these basic, simple tips and you&#x27;ll be well on your way to spectacular feasts.
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Tomato Basics & Care Guide: Types of Tomatoes

posted on 03/04/10. 0 comments


What we would do without tomatoes... Italy would starve, parents would have to cook instead of ordering out for pizza, and gardeners would be missing out on one of the most rewarding, easy to grow crops. Here is our guide to tomato basics.
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tomatoes, eggplants & peppers

posted on 03/04/10. 1 comment


No kitchen garden is really complete without a tasty assortment of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. These mouthwatering vegetables are the highlight of the summer garden, producing armloads of produce that can be savored fresh from the garden, or processed for later use. All three are easy to grow, requiring only a sunny kitchen garden spot, some fertilizer, and regular watering.
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Why didn't my corn grow last year?

posted on 03/03/10. 2 answers


I had a very small crop of corn last year, which didn&#x27;t seems to work out-- any suggestions on how to do it better this year?
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What type of blueberry plants do you grow together for beneficial planting?

posted on 03/01/10. 3 answers


I want to grow blueberries this year but don&#x27;t know which types you should plant together for maximum benefit of the plants. Which two have worked for you? <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>&amp;nbsp;
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Tomato Seed Progress

posted on 03/01/10. 2 comments


I am amazed at the difference between the peat pellets and the seed starting mix in the peat pots. <br/>
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Stacked rain barrels

posted on 03/01/10. 3 comments


For my birthday (2 years ago) my parents bought me rain barrels. Well, technically, they got me 4 food grade barrels and most of the parts to convert them into rain barrels. And said rain barrels have sat in my side yard ever since, unassembled. Dustin de
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Neem Oil: An organic insecticide

posted on 02/26/10. 0 comments


This oil has been used in India as a natural pest control for hundreds, or maybe it&#x27;s thousands of years- well it&#x27;s been a really long time... and it now comes ready to use in your garden! Even though it sounds like someone paid me to say that, they didn&#x27;t. I wish they would.
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Farmer's Markets around the country

posted on 02/24/10. 2 comments


I am trying to compile a list of farmer&#x27;s markets all around the country and give them links so you can find them!
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Seed Starting | How to Start Broccoli Seedlings

posted on 02/18/10. 0 comments


Starting broccoli for your kitchen garden is one easy way to add some crunch to your salads! Of all the brassicas, or members of the cole family (Cruciferae), delicious, tender broccoli is the easiest to start indoors. But you must start it early, as the heads need time to mature before hot weather arrives.
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Planting Day

posted on 02/16/10. 1 comment


I love planting day! Here&#x27;s the latest news from my garden.
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Upside Down Tomato Growing methods

posted on 02/16/10. 3 answers


I&#x27;ve seen those hanging pots that allow tomato plants to grow down and without the cages.&amp;nbsp; <br/>Does it work?&amp;nbsp; Pros vs. Cons?&amp;nbsp;
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Congrats to Seattle Urban Farm Company!

posted on 02/07/10. 3 comments


You may have seen their ad around DigtheDirt; and now anyone who went to the NW Flower &amp; Garden Show knows them too. Their &quot;Crops for Clunkers&quot; exhibit won them a Gold Award.
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gardening on a serious budget

posted on 02/02/10. 4 comments


You really don&#x27;t have to spend a lot of money to add plants to your life, you just have to use a little creativity maybe some muscle to go with it.
more » Wants Your Extra Crops This Year!

posted on 01/28/10. 1 comment


If you grow vegetables (especially squash!) then you probably have more crops than your family can eat. Here&#x27;s a great resource to help people in need and not waste food!
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Tomato seeds growing!

posted on 01/27/10. 1 comment


The tomato seed saga continues....
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How Homemade Pasta and Backyard Chickens Just Might Save The World

posted on 01/27/10. 5 comments


The tale of a cook who in search of exceptional ingredients ended up becoming a farmer of sorts
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amazing markers and stakes

posted on 01/26/10. 3 comments


Check out some of these ways to make your garden even prettier!
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Seeds started

posted on 01/22/10. 1 comment


Starting to grow seeds
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plant a tea garden

posted on 01/20/10. 3 comments


there is a serious revolution in the world of teas going on and I am joining! I am going to plant my own tea in my kitchen garden this year and brew fresh teas!
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Totally Tomatoes

posted on 01/15/10. 2 comments


Nothing compares to the juicy, sun-sweetened goodness of vine-ripened tomatoes. These succulent fruits signal summer&#x27;s arrival with their red, rich hues.
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Is there a safe, nontoxic way to control slugs and snails?

posted on 01/13/10. 6 answers


I don&#x27;t like to kill, but I hate these things! <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>
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How can I protect my seedlings from infection by diseases?

posted on 01/13/10. 1 answer


I&#x27;m worried about infections of diseases when my seedlings are just getting going... any preventitive steps?&amp;nbsp; <br/>
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My seedlings are spindly. What can I do?

posted on 01/13/10. 1 answer


They look so thin, like they won&#x27;t be abe to withstand a light wind!
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planning your salad garden

posted on 01/13/10. 0 comments


Prepackaged salads are all the rage in grocery stores these days. Little plastic bags packed with shreds of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and other assorted greens. These instant salads are definitely convenient, but are they worth the price, considering how easy it is to grow your own fresh salad greens (that probably taste a lot better) right at your back door?
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building a potted herb garden: weekend project

posted on 01/12/10. 0 comments


How better to really enjoy herbs than to pot up an herb garden that you can set on your patio, porch, or outdoor dining table. Not only will it bring amazing aromas to your patio, but it will also spice up the kitchen!
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overwintering herbs indoors: care guide

posted on 01/12/10. 0 comments


As fall days wane into winter’s frosty prelude, saying farewell to summer’s garden pleasures is hardest in the herb patch. If the thought of months without garden-fresh flavors like basil, rosemary, and thyme is more than you can bear, take heart. Herbs take happily to the indoors and will reward you with leaves to snip and stew all winter long.
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Tip for vegetable gardening

posted on 01/12/10. 1 comment


A great tip from a serious Michigan vegetable gardener.
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Has anyone been successful growing tomatoes from seed?

posted on 01/12/10. 2 answers


I have some heirloom tomato seeds I want to grow. Would love some specific direction about the best way to start them! Especially looking for info about container to start, heating mat/pad and whether or not I need grow lights or if a sunny window will wo
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Sunshine Blue Blueberries

posted on 12/22/09. 2 comments


More fruit for my garden!!
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Butternut squash lasagna with a rosemary infused sauce

posted on 12/17/09. 1 comment


This is a wonderful vegetarian entree. Some of the squash and the rosemary came from my garden. The hardest part is cutting up the squash. Here is the recipe: <br/> <br/>
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Small Budget Gardener

posted on 12/15/09. 3 comments


A book that gives great ideas on how to keep your budget down and you garden growing.
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Shrimp with arugula and cous cous

posted on 12/15/09. 2 comments


This fast, easy and inexpensive dish is such a delicious and healthy way to eat your greens.
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questions and we need answers!

posted on 11/20/09. 1 comment


help this poor californian out with her garden!
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Turn those pumpkins into soup!

posted on 11/01/09. 3 comments


Got leftover pumpkins, acorn squash or butternut squash? Try this Thai pumpkin soup recipe!
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Grow a sponge!

posted on 10/13/09. 0 comments


Who says you need a great big yard to garden? You can experience the thrill of seeds sprouting with just a tiny sponge. All you need is a sponge, water, and seeds, and you&#x27;re ready to grow!
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Eat Your Yard!

posted on 10/06/09. 3 comments


One of the best ways to liven up your cooking is to grow some new and interesting vegetables that you never knew you could, as well as grow the old standbys like tomatoes and basil. With the help of companies like Cascadian Edible Landscapes your vegetable garden is on its way!
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Wide-Row Planting

posted on 04/24/09. 0 comments


A great tip on how to keep weeds out of your vegetable garden!
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Warm Weather Crops

posted on 04/24/09. 0 comments


Tips for starting your vegetable seeds this spring.
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Get An Early Start

posted on 04/24/09. 0 comments


Start those cool weather crops for crispy veggies early!
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The Ripe Time

posted on 04/24/09. 2 comments


There&#x27;s nothing better than freshly picked jewel-toned tomatoes. Their mouth-filling, tangy sweet flavor is one of the main reasons to grow a summer vegetable garden!
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