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Figments of my imagination garden

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Gardening season is almost here!

posted on 02/11/11. 3 comments


I am excited about my second year in the world of gardening and have decided to go for a theme in my garden beds this year!
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Kitchen Gardening | Sowing Carrots in your vegetable garden

posted on 12/13/10. 0 comments


Adding carrots to your kitchen garden is an easy way to add some crunch to your salads and is a vitamin-rich vegetable that is loved by kids and adults alike!
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a perfect gift for any gardener

posted on 12/13/10. 0 comments


This information packed book written by Sue Reed is one of the best water saving books out there. Check it out for your favorite gardener for the holiday season!
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Mercer Island school gardening curriculum

posted on 11/19/10. 2 comments


We have started a school learning garden at my son's school and I am trying to come up with a bunch of lesson for the school year. This should be an adventure.
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great gifts for gardeners round up | etsy

posted on 11/06/10. 2 comments


I have decided to share a list of some great gifts for gardeners from Etsy, which is a website that sells things that are all handmade by REAL people! Imagine that. Now some of them may be a stretch in terms of "gardening" gifts... I am aware of this, but I just want to include it, so cut me some slack. Hope you like it!
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The coolest DIY wreath round-up

posted on 11/05/10. 0 comments


Sorry, but I am just completely obsessed with wreaths right now... must be the cold weather. I have been searching for the one I want to make and here are some ideas I found from the insanely talented the bloggers of the world.
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Holiday decorating | cool wreath round-up

posted on 11/02/10. 2 comments


I'm always looking for something a little different to hang on my door for the holidays and if you're like me and like to think beyond the typical evergreen wreath, one of these may be the perfect fit!
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What do you do after you take tomato plants out of the garden?

posted on 10/18/10. 1 comment


Just getting rid of my tomato plants!
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Saving Nasturtium Seeds

posted on 09/07/10. 2 comments


Although your Nasturtiums will reseed themselves, it is always a fun thing to collect the seed pods and dry them for the next year!
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How do you save sunflower seeds?

posted on 09/02/10. 2 comments


Wanting to do it, but don't know how....
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The late summer vegetable garden

posted on 09/02/10. 3 comments


I am glad that I took the time to put in a garden even if it is a rental!
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What kind of hydrangea is this?

posted on 07/13/10. 0 answers


This hydrangea is in my mother&#x27;s garden and she cannot remember the name of it.&amp;nbsp; It is unusual as it has red veins in the leaves and reddish brown stems.&amp;nbsp; Beautiful! <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>
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Answer this &raquo;

Gardening for renters

posted on 06/28/10. 3 comments


Even if you live in a cramped tight space in the city you have the chance to create your own urban garden with these products and ideas. I have found that with a rental property like the one I am in, that I don&#x27;t want to invest in a garden that I can&#x27;t take with me so these are some of the things I use to create a garden and not break the bank.
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wordless wednesday

posted on 06/16/10. 1 comment


<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp;
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Greek Quinoa Salad

posted on 06/15/10. 3 comments


Using fresh herbs from your garden such as parsley and mint makes the flavors of the cucumbers and tomatoes pop! This is a perfect summer salad that you can make and take to a party as a fresh side dish with lots of home-grown vegetables.
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wordless "WANT IT" wednesday

posted on 05/26/10. 0 comments


All of these gems are from Annie&#x27;s Annuals... check it out!
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feel good friday

posted on 05/21/10. 4 comments


OK even though I have made some enormous mistakes in the garden there are a few plant high fives I need to give myself.
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Wordless Wednesday- it's nice to be silent!

posted on 05/19/10. 4 comments


Every Wednesday bloggers from around the world just show some simple gardening pictures they love- no words. I am going to follow their lead- come join me and do your own &quot;wordless wednesday&quot; post every Wednesday!
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mini goat-fest!

posted on 05/05/10. 2 comments


It was a glorious gardening weekend with lots of cool urban culture I never even knew existed!
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What is this plant?

posted on 05/04/10. 2 answers


<br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>Saw it in a raised bed in Seattle- think it&#x27;s an herb but VERY unsure!
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I ate my spinach

posted on 04/30/10. 5 comments


Tendergreen Mustard Spinach has been grown and eaten. If you wanna know how to get your kids to eat it... one word - BUTTER.
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Lakeridge School Garden

posted on 04/29/10. 0 comments


Our garden bed build is coming together!
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one lucky gardener

posted on 04/23/10. 0 comments


As part of &quot;Spring into Bed&quot; a grass-roots, city wide, garden building event on May 8th this gardener is getting her very own vegetable beds!
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Tulip Festival

posted on 04/15/10. 2 comments


The tulips up here in the Pacific Northwest are coming out like crazy!
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What kind of camera do you use to photograph your plants and blooms?

posted on 04/06/10. 6 answers


&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>I am not a photo snob or anything, just want to know the different kind of cameras and lenses everyone uses for their photographs.
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pretty blooms everywhere

posted on 04/05/10. 2 comments


Just a few pictures of some of the blooms that are happening all over Seattle.
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Meet the author of "Succulent Container Gardens"!

posted on 03/30/10. 1 comment


If you&#x27;re in Los Angeles you will not want to miss this event! Super Star Garden Writer Debrah Lee Baldwin will be signing your books and giving you tips all things Succulent!
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The Planter Box Company

posted on 03/24/10. 2 comments


Beautiful cedar garden boxes that come in two standard sizes, or can be custom built to meet your needs.
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Help me figure out what this plant is

posted on 03/24/10. 2 answers


&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>i don&#x27;t know who i am!
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Help me figure out what this plant is

posted on 03/24/10. 1 answer


&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>who am i?
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Help me figure out what this plant is

posted on 03/24/10. 0 answers


Do you know what it is?
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What are good companions for tomatoes?

posted on 03/24/10. 4 answers


&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>Planting tomatoes this year, what is a good companion for them?
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Anyone know how to plant asparagus?

posted on 03/22/10. 3 answers


I got this at the edible plant sale and have no idea how to plant it. <br/> <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp;
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Edible Plant Sale: Seattle Tilth

posted on 03/22/10. 1 comment


Every Spring Seattle Tilth holds an edible plant sale and this year I made out like a bandit. Now all I have to do is learn how to plant asparagus!
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Spring into bed!

posted on 03/17/10. 0 comments


A city-wide community garden bed building event is coming up in Seattle and if you want to join in on the fun they would love your help!
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q & a with Ward House- official dig the dirt contributor

posted on 03/16/10. 4 comments


Annette of Ward House is an amazing woman who took her teen-aged daughters out of a fast paced lifestyle and is trying her best at &quot;homesteading&quot;. Here she tells us why and how this all came to be! Inspiring to say the least.
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q & a with paula- official contributor

posted on 03/10/10. 4 comments


Here is a great Q &amp; A with our newest guest contributor!!!
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How do you prevent squash bugs?

posted on 03/10/10. 4 answers


Squash bugs can really wipe out a sqash crop, and I wanted to know how to prevent them before they attack!
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Helping you raise your mason bees

posted on 03/08/10. 8 comments


We are so lucky to have people in this world who care so much about the bees in this world. Dave Hunter is one of those people!
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Q & A with SueCinPDX- official DTD contributor!!

posted on 03/08/10. 5 comments


Give our guest contributor a warm welcome and thank you for her awesome post: chickens: cost/ benefit analysis.
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Varieties specific for Pacific Northwest

posted on 03/04/10. 3 answers


Howdy!&amp;nbsp; I want to grow radishes, carrots and peppers in the garden bed- do you guys know of a specific variety of any of these that are good for the PNW?
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I wanna be a bird

posted on 03/04/10. 2 comments


Did you ever spend a whole day in a tree when you were little, looking down on the world below? Get that inner bird out and go stay in your own little bird house!
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Three Sisters Garden: companion planting

posted on 03/03/10. 3 comments


In the Native American tradition Three Sisters Planting was a way to garden to create a beneficial ecosystem between three plants that all help each other grow: Corn, Squash, and pole beans. Start your very own kitchen garden with these three beneficial plants and watch the bounty of your garden grow.
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Why didn't my corn grow last year?

posted on 03/03/10. 2 answers


I had a very small crop of corn last year, which didn&#x27;t seems to work out-- any suggestions on how to do it better this year?
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Lakeridge Elementary to start 5 new beds!

posted on 03/01/10. 1 comment


The growing continues as this elementary school is going to be building and planting 5 new beds!
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What type of blueberry plants do you grow together for beneficial planting?

posted on 03/01/10. 3 answers


I want to grow blueberries this year but don&#x27;t know which types you should plant together for maximum benefit of the plants. Which two have worked for you? <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>&amp;nbsp;
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In need of a rain chain

posted on 02/27/10. 0 comments


I am no longer in denial that it rains a lot in Seattle. Now that I have come to terms with my new reality, I think it&#x27;s time to bling up my rainy life with a rain chain.
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Neem Oil: An organic insecticide

posted on 02/26/10. 0 comments


This oil has been used in India as a natural pest control for hundreds, or maybe it&#x27;s thousands of years- well it&#x27;s been a really long time... and it now comes ready to use in your garden! Even though it sounds like someone paid me to say that, they didn&#x27;t. I wish they would.
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Do you have a chicken coop you'd like to show off?

posted on 02/25/10. 0 answers


Seattle Tilth is looking for some chicken coops for the chicken coop tour in July!&amp;nbsp; If you&#x27;re interested in showing off your hard work give them a ring! <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>Seattle Tilth Webiste
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Leap for green Fair on Mercer!!

posted on 02/19/10. 1 comment


Join us at the Leap for Green Fair on Mercer Island, WA to raise awareness for sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and having fun with nature!
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Rain Gardens

posted on 02/12/10. 2 comments


After moving from Los Angeles to Seattle, I have to come to grips with the fact that I live in a place that rains ALL the time. So I have to kick my succulent habit and start living in reality!
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gardening on a serious budget

posted on 02/02/10. 4 comments


You really don&#x27;t have to spend a lot of money to add plants to your life, you just have to use a little creativity maybe some muscle to go with it.
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amazing markers and stakes

posted on 01/26/10. 3 comments


Check out some of these ways to make your garden even prettier!
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plant a tea garden

posted on 01/20/10. 3 comments


there is a serious revolution in the world of teas going on and I am joining! I am going to plant my own tea in my kitchen garden this year and brew fresh teas!
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Shrimp with arugula and cous cous

posted on 12/15/09. 2 comments


This fast, easy and inexpensive dish is such a delicious and healthy way to eat your greens.
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The Ponytail Palm for indoors

posted on 12/11/09. 3 comments


A great idea for these winter months is to bring some green indoors.
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Seed savers exchange

posted on 12/06/09. 1 comment


New to gardening? This spring gear up by ordering your seeds in advance! Seed Savers exchange is an amazing non-profit started in 1975 by Diane Ott Whealy and Kent Whealy.
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Art Inspired by nature

posted on 11/30/09. 1 comment


Some beautiful art, and ceramics and jewelry all inspired by nature from some amazing artists.
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hint hint double clue... the holidays are here!

posted on 11/24/09. 4 comments


These are all gifts that I want for Christmas.
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questions and we need answers!

posted on 11/20/09. 1 comment


help this poor californian out with her garden!
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affordable cool sculpture for your garden

posted on 11/18/09. 1 comment


I saw a piece of Jennifer&#x27;s sculpture at the GWA meeting in Malibu, California last Sunday and felt such inspiration from it!
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GWA at stone manner lighting

posted on 11/18/09. 3 comments


A glass of wine, some cheese and crackers at a house on a hill with an amazing garden overlooking the beautiful pacific ocean?? Ummm... twist my arm.
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Seed starting time-table

posted on 11/12/09. 0 comments


If you want your own edible landscape use this guideline of when to start each crop.
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Seed Starting 101

posted on 11/12/09. 1 comment


Seed starting is an act of faith and renewal. It signals the start of another growing season and the opportunity to grow the perfect garden.
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chickens and their coops

posted on 11/10/09. 3 comments


I have really been thinking about jumping on this bandwagon.
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The man behind freeze-Pruf, the "holy grail of horticulture"

posted on 11/09/09. 3 comments


A lot of scientific stuff has been published about Dr. David Francko the inventor of Freeze-Pruf, but let&#x27;s get to know who this guy is and why he made this product!
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Happy Belated Halloween

posted on 11/06/09. 3 comments


Sorry but I couldn&#x27;t help it.
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UWAJIMAYA- the coolest grocery store ever!

posted on 11/06/09. 0 comments


Bored with your grocery store? Take a trip to Uwajimaya...
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HELP!!!! We have a member to member question.

posted on 11/06/09. 4 comments


A question from texasthistle....
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Turn those pumpkins into soup!

posted on 11/01/09. 3 comments


Got leftover pumpkins, acorn squash or butternut squash? Try this Thai pumpkin soup recipe!
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Tips on Roses

posted on 10/28/09. 0 comments


Rake your rose leaves!
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A bushel of fun; pick our own apples!

posted on 10/27/09. 0 comments


&#x27;Tis the season to get out your inner Johnny Appleseed and start picking your own apples. If you don&#x27;t have your own orchard, find one near you for a fresh, delicious, snappy treat!
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International Day of Climate Action

posted on 10/23/09. 1 comment


Tomorrow October 24th, 2009 is the International Day of Climate Action. Find out what people in your area are up to!
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Wreaths for Thanksgiving

posted on 10/22/09. 0 comments


We all feel that inner voice right around this time telling us that it is time to get out the decorations and filling our house with cheer. Here are some wreath inspirations to fuel your inner decorator.
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Amaryllis for the Holidays!

posted on 10/21/09. 4 comments


You don&#x27;t need a degree in horticulture to grow amaryllis. They are so easy to grow even a kindergartner can plant them and get great results. Drop them into some soil, give them a good drink, and stand back. In four to six weeks, you&#x27;ll have your very own spectacular display of bloom. That&#x27;s because unlike other forced bulbs, amaryllis require no pre-cooling in order to bloom; they&#x27;re ready to go right after you buy them. So, turn those winter blues into happy holidays; you&#x27;ve got bulbs to plant.
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What are your favorite vegetables to grow?

posted on 10/20/09. 6 comments


We want to know what you want to know about vegetable gardening. Come here and talk with us about what would get you excited enough to start your own vegetable garden.
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Eco Design and Lifestyle

posted on 10/19/09. 3 comments


I have been super surfing and trying to see as many eco-design projects, and eco-lifestyle blogs and articles out there, as they are such an inspiration of the way things can be done.
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Edible plants | Strawberry Plants in a pocket!

posted on 10/16/09. 3 comments


Edible plants are a great way to the gummy bears out of your kid&#x27;s paws and sweeten your kids life with yummy strawberry plants. Get those kids digging their hands in the dirt and have them plant their own edible garden with strawberry plants in individual containers with pockets. Not only will they be happy with the treat from Nature, but your porch will look pretty too! Double win!!
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Bringing it home Alive- The Living Christmas Tree

posted on 10/13/09. 0 comments


Ever get that awful feeling in your stomach when your Christmas tree has to be thrown on the curb after bringing you and your family lots of pine scented days? With a little more work you can plant that tree instead.
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The Art of Vegetables

posted on 10/13/09. 1 comment


I know I will get blasted for saying this, but sometimes I just think vegetable beds can be a little ugly. But read on.... I have the answer!
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Grow a sponge!

posted on 10/13/09. 0 comments


Who says you need a great big yard to garden? You can experience the thrill of seeds sprouting with just a tiny sponge. All you need is a sponge, water, and seeds, and you&#x27;re ready to grow!
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Scented Geranium Sugar

posted on 10/13/09. 1 comment


Scented Geraniums can be used for more than just looking pretty. Use it to spice up your sugar and have an easy afternoon kid&#x27;s gardening camp project.
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Pumpkin Totem Pole

posted on 10/13/09. 2 comments


Tired of the same old Halloween decorating? Put your Halloween heads together and create a cool Pumpkin Totem Poll!
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Eat Your Yard!

posted on 10/06/09. 3 comments


One of the best ways to liven up your cooking is to grow some new and interesting vegetables that you never knew you could, as well as grow the old standbys like tomatoes and basil. With the help of companies like Cascadian Edible Landscapes your vegetable garden is on its way!
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Heaths and Heathers

posted on 10/06/09. 1 comment


A small nursery that has one of the largest collection of Heaths and Heathers in the world is near Puget sound, and dedicated to raising plants in an environmentally friendly way.
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oh! your containers are lovely!

posted on 10/05/09. 2 comments


More containers that bring a sense of joy and happiness to your garden... not your typical container.
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Can you find the orb?

posted on 09/30/09. 4 comments


There is something so awesome and sneaky about an orb in a garden.
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posted on 09/21/09. 3 comments


I wanted to know more about them, so here is all my found information. Hope it helps you make it through our upcoming winter... <br/> <br/>***MAKE SURE TO LOOK at the bottom of the post for a workshop being held at TERRAIN in PA. I can&#x27;t go (sob) but maybe you can!****
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Take a seat.

posted on 09/16/09. 3 comments


Get a drink. Take a seat. Listen to your garden.
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Container Gardens

posted on 09/16/09. 0 comments


Give your garden a little boost with containers!
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Gourds for fall

posted on 09/15/09. 0 comments


Gourds + Fall= Happiness!
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Fall planting

posted on 09/14/09. 0 comments


Autumn is the time to plant!
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Succulent plant wall; A bit of a different way to do containers.

posted on 09/14/09. 5 comments


Succulent Plant Wall
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Beets! A veggie for small container gardens.

posted on 09/10/09. 2 comments


Ooh la la- don&#x27;t you just love a good beet!
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