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Topiary and Tiramisu

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My five steps to developing a theme garden

posted on 06/21/13. 2 comments


Using heavy metal as a theme, I have taken my readers through this self-created process.
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A Sweet Little Allium: Allium senescens ssp. glaucum

posted on 10/03/11. 3 comments


Sometimes its a struggle finding a plant that always looks good, plus has the bonus of blooming at an odd fall. Allium senescens ssp. glaucum falls into that special category. <br/>You can read more here: <br/>
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The Fairy Garden

posted on 06/15/11. 3 comments


I was so thrilled last week to see my nine-year-old daughter wanting to play in the garden...especially in the blazing heat. &amp;nbsp;She sat under a group of trees and excitedly made her own fairy garden.&amp;nbsp;After moving some bricks around, she placed som
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My Sunny Perennial Border Experiment

posted on 06/15/11. 1 comment


&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>For the past two years I&#x27;ve been experimenting with a sunny perennial border. &amp;nbsp;The kicker...I only allow plants that are less than 24&quot; tall. &amp;nbsp;My focus is texture and form. &amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>You can visit my original post here: <br/>http://topiarya
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Topiary and Tiramisu

posted on 09/03/10. 1 comment


Introducing a new garden blog!
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The Tomato Chronicles

posted on 05/20/10. 2 comments


<br/>On my blog this month I am sharing my quirky relationship with the tomato...through my illustrations and stories.&amp;nbsp; You can jump right in by visiting The Lunch Box Project! Hope to see you there!
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