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Tropical Seattle

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Awesome way to grow Strawberries

posted on 02/01/13. 5 comments


This is a very cool, unique way to grow strawberries... a new definition for "raised beds!"
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Dragon House Gardens - Spring Giving Way to Summer

posted on 06/05/12. 1 comment


Late spring in the garden... blooms are everywhere, leaves are filling in almost all the empty spaces, and the promise of summer hangs in the air. Here's what's happening in my perennial beds as we savor the last days of Spring.
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Huntington Botanical Gardens

posted on 05/29/12. 0 comments


I finally made it to Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, CA. It did not disappoint!
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Memorial Day Cuttings

posted on 05/28/12. 1 comment


There are simply too many blooms in the garden in May! Here are some arrangements I made today to bring the garden indoors!
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Crazy for Iris

posted on 05/21/12. 3 comments


Mid-May is like an explosion of color and texture in my garden. Some of the stand-out stars are the Iris which are in full force!
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Naples Botanic Garden

posted on 05/13/12. 2 comments


This is one of the most creative, artistic botanic gardens I have seen in a long time. It's a subtropical paradise well worth the visit.
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Spring Almost Here!

posted on 03/07/12. 2 comments


Daffodils and Crocus heralding Spring...
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Some Favorites from the NW Flower & Garden Show 2012

posted on 02/15/12. 1 comment


Last week, we got our annual garden pep-rally to get us through our long, dark winter. The NW Flower & Garden Show is a cherished tradition up here in the upper left corner of the US. Here's a few things that got me excited for Spring!
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Signs of Spring!

posted on 02/11/12. 3 comments


It always surprises me how early and quickly spring creeps up in Seattle. Here are some images from my garden today, giving me hope that Spring is on its way...
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2012 New Plant Introductions: Hellebores from TerraNova

posted on 02/02/12. 0 comments


Plant propagator TerraNova Nurseries can always be counted on for great new plants! Here are a couple of knock-out hellebores new for 2012, coming to a nursery near you!
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Salad Garden Plans

posted on 01/26/12. 0 comments


Prepackaged salads are all the rage in grocery stores these days. Little plastic bags packed with shreds of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and other assorted greens. These instant salads are definitely convenient, but are they worth the price, considering how easy it is to grow your own fresh salad greens (that probably taste a lot better) right at your back door? I don’t think you can get much more convenient than that. Here’s some growing tips for common salad garden crops.
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2012 New Plants: 2 New Fragrant Shrub Roses from David Austin

posted on 10/04/11. 2 comments


If you don't have a David Austin Rose in your garden, you are really missing out! I caught the collection fever 3 years ago, and can't seem to get enough of them. The blooms are exquisite, fragrant and make for timeless arrangements throughout the growing season. Check out the two latest additions to the collection!
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Growing Tips for David Austin Roses from Michael Marriott

posted on 10/04/11. 2 comments


Michael Marriott is the senior rosarian at David Austin Roses, and he offers his best growing tips for a spectacular rose display featuring the seductive palette of David Austin Roses.
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Morning Harvest

posted on 09/03/11. 2 comments


Early morning harvest with a cup of coffee, the sun shining and all the kids fast asleep... Ahhh, nothing better!
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A New England Garden Tour

posted on 07/16/11. 1 comment


Summer on the Coast of Massachusetts brings ideal conditions for amazing gardens.We took a stroll through a few of Marion's nicer outdoor spaces in their annual Garden Tour.
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My Lilacs are not blooming...

posted on 05/05/11. 5 answers


I have 3 year old plantings of lilac bushes... one of them has blooms; another has only a couple; and the other two have none :-(. Last year, they bloomed great... What gives?! Anyone with any ideas for me, I'd really appreciate it.
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Spring Cuttings - Daffodils & Euphorbia

posted on 04/17/11. 1 comment


Nothing like a fresh cut Spring Bouquet!
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Happy Spring! Bananas Emerge from Hibernation!

posted on 03/21/11. 4 comments


In the Fall, I shared my neurotic lengths to over-winter my banana plants in Seattle... 5 months later, it's time to see if my stand-out plants survived!
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2011 Plant Catalogs: Luscious Poppies from Annie

posted on 01/21/11. 2 comments


Poppies from Annie's Annuals & Perennials are as seductive as any bloom I've come across!!
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Cheating Winter with My Tender Bananas: Obsession to the Extremes!

posted on 12/09/10. 4 comments


OK, even I have to admit it - I've gone off the deep end this year in my quest for larger banana plants for my tropical Seattle garden!
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What is the best starter kit for a hydroponic vegetable garden?

posted on 12/01/10. 2 answers


Just wondering as I want to give a gift to my Mom and she's been really interested in hydroponics...
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Harvesting Olives

posted on 11/10/10. 1 comment


Olives in Seattle? Sure, why not?!
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How to Plant an Amaryllis in Clusters

posted on 10/27/10. 0 comments


There's nothing more stunning than a stand of amaryllis blooms in a pot to create a focal point for your holiday table. Here's a short video to show you how!
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How to Plant an Amaryllis | Video and Tutorial

posted on 10/27/10. 1 comment


Amaryllis hippeastrum | Get ready to plant and grow your amaryllis bulbs for easy holiday decorating! Here's an easy, quick tutorial and video on how to plant amaryllis bulbs and have them growing before your holiday party...
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Drying Sunflowers for Seeds

posted on 10/09/10. 2 answers


I had great success at growing huge sunflowers this year... now what?
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Fall Color in My Garden

posted on 10/08/10. 3 comments


I'm from New England, so the traditional definition of Fall Color is associated with one of the most vivid natural displays as the foliage turns... Living on the West Coast means some adjustments to my "Fall Color" perceptions, so I thought I'd share some images of October color in my garden!
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Garden Star: 'About Face' Grandiflora Rose

posted on 09/04/10. 2 comments


This is one of those roses that just works and performs all season long!
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Going Bananas in Seattle

posted on 08/27/10. 2 comments


After 4 years of babying a small grove of banana trees, the fruit of my labor has appeared!
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Wordless Wednesday: My Garden in June

posted on 06/23/10. 2 comments


The fireworks continue in the garden, with peonies, iris, poppies and roses all cranking!
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The Tuesday Cut: Week 5

posted on 06/17/10. 3 comments


Poppies are popping everywhere.
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The Tuesday Cut - Week 4

posted on 06/11/10. 2 comments


Life got busy, so this Tuesday Cut comes to you on Friday :-).
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Wordless Wednesday: I miss the sun...

posted on 06/02/10. 2 comments


We're in a big stretch of rain in the upper left corner... Here are some images to brighten the day!
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The Tuesday Cut: Week 3

posted on 06/01/10. 3 comments


Simplicity is sometimes best!
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Create a Waterfall

posted on 06/01/10. 1 comment


Warm sun rays bounce off the clear water of your backyard pond. The water lilies amaze with brilliant colors, cattails sway gently, and fish swim lazily by. Your water garden is gorgeous--but there's always room for improvement. Wouldn't the sound of moving water be a real coup? Ready to tackle a waterfall? You bet! This construction will wow curious neighbors and elevate your standing in the gardening circles, with a minimum of effort on your part. So, strap on your tool belt (you won't really need it), and plunge into this great project!
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Strip Gardening

posted on 05/28/10. 2 comments


Hey all you Urban Gardeners: do you garden your strip out in front of your townhouse, apartment or house? Post pictures please!
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Wordless Wednesday: Amazing Iris

posted on 05/26/10. 2 comments


Iris are in full bloom - here are some favorites in bloom around my garden.
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The Tuesday Cut: Week 2

posted on 05/25/10. 3 comments


Making the cut in my garden takes on a new meaning. I will make an arrangement from things I've grown once a week for a year, and post it every Tuesday... take the challenge and join me with your own weekly arrangement!
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Wordless Wednesday: Images from my garden

posted on 05/19/10. 3 comments


OK everyone, Wednesdays are the day to share your own wordless posts of whatever gardening imagery you love for "Wordless Wednesday"! Come join in on the fun!
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Amaryllis in May!

posted on 05/18/10. 1 comment


So, being a disorganized spaz isn't always bad!
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Spring Bouquet

posted on 05/18/10. 6 comments


Don't forget to bring the outdoors inside once in a while...
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Swarovski Crystal Lady's Mantle

posted on 05/13/10. 4 comments


Morning dew and newly formed lady's mantle leaves created a stunning display this morning!
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When is the right time to harvest Bok Choy... and how?

posted on 05/07/10. 2 answers


<br/>OK, so I am pretty new at all this vegetable stuff outside cherry tomatoes! My bok choy is starting to look pretty big and yummy, but I&#x27;m not sure if it&#x27;s time to harvest? And, if it is, it seems like at the store, it&#x27;s basically the entire plant cut ri
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Come on little seedlings...

posted on 05/07/10. 1 comment


Seed starts have never been my thing... but this year, with a lot of encouragement, we started vegetable seeds in our living room. So far so good!
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Garden Walk-Thru: May 1, 2010

posted on 05/03/10. 9 comments


I love this time of year... it&#x27;s the garden equivalent to your first day back to college after summer break. Lots of familiar faces appearing, news from every corner, fresh faces that cause you to pause, too many dates for your attention... Ah youth. Oh wait, this us about my garden... read on!
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Simple Containers

posted on 04/28/10. 0 comments


Earlier this Spring, I was touring around in West Texas and came across some pots that were simple but effective.
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Tulipfest in the Pacific Northwest

posted on 04/28/10. 1 comment


If you don&#x27;t have the cash to fly to Holland in the Spring, consider coming to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April to be wowed by bulbs!
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Fresh from the Garden Cupcakes!

posted on 04/15/10. 3 comments


I am such a lucky Dad! Look what my daughter cooked up for my birthday party yesterday...
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Yuccas in Bloom

posted on 04/06/10. 0 comments


Spring in the desert is so amazing... Hiking in Big Bend National Park over Easter Weekend, I was lucky to catch Yuccas in bloom everywhere!
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Symbol of the West: The Mighty Saguaro Cactus

posted on 04/01/10. 0 comments


When you think of a John Wayne movie, you imagine perfectly formed cactus standing tall, arms pointed up to the sky like a caught bandit who just robbed a bank. We ventured out to the Sonora Desert in southern Arizona to visit Saguaro National Park, where these amazing plants flourish.
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Organic Compost - Nutrition for the Garden

posted on 03/19/10. 1 comment


Here we go compost, here we go! Rah, Rah!
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Weekend Project: Build a Better Garden Bed

posted on 03/19/10. 3 comments


For a fresh start on your kitchen garden, flower garden or any garden bed, here are some good garden practices and tips for better beds for any gardening season!
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Anyone growing asparagus on MI?

posted on 03/16/10. 2 comments


I&#x27;m thinking about asparagus this year, but didn&#x27;t know if I should start the seeds indoors or sow directly in the ground? Anyone have experience with this one?
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Double Poppies from Annie's Annuals

posted on 03/12/10. 3 comments


A DigtheDirt member, flush puppy, just posted a picture of a double poppy that looked like a peony... And now, because of the Internet, 10 minutes later I have my own shipment headed this way!
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Pepper Care Guide: How to Grow Peppers

posted on 03/05/10. 0 comments


As their name would suggest, peppers like it hot! While not the hardest vegetable to grow, they do not like cold temperatures, similar to eggplants. Here are some quick tips for growing peppers.
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Pepper Care Guide: Types of Peppers

posted on 03/05/10. 0 comments


Peppers have an incredibly wide range of tastes, shapes, colors and texture. They are a staple for so many types of cuisine. And, they&#x27;re fun to grow! Here is a quick guide to the different types of peppers.
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Eggplant Care Guide: How to Grow Great Eggplant

posted on 03/05/10. 0 comments


These culinary delights are easy to grow in your garden. Here&#x27;s our top tips for growing eggplants.
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Eggplant Care Guide: Types of Eggplants

posted on 03/05/10. 0 comments


Eggplants are the perfect addition to any kitchen garden as they come in many shapes and sizes, offering the cook and gardener a varied set of tastes and textures. Add this plant to your kitchen garden for extra flavor and color!
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Tomato Basics & Care Guide: How to Grow Terrific Tomatoes

posted on 03/04/10. 3 comments


It&#x27;s easy! Just follow these basic, simple tips and you&#x27;ll be well on your way to spectacular feasts.
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Tomato Basics & Care Guide: Staking vs. Caging

posted on 03/04/10. 1 comment


It seems like every tomato enthusiast has a preferred method of supporting their favorite crop.
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Tomato Basics & Care Guide: Types of Tomatoes

posted on 03/04/10. 0 comments


What we would do without tomatoes... Italy would starve, parents would have to cook instead of ordering out for pizza, and gardeners would be missing out on one of the most rewarding, easy to grow crops. Here is our guide to tomato basics.
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tomatoes, eggplants & peppers

posted on 03/04/10. 1 comment


No kitchen garden is really complete without a tasty assortment of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. These mouthwatering vegetables are the highlight of the summer garden, producing armloads of produce that can be savored fresh from the garden, or processed for later use. All three are easy to grow, requiring only a sunny kitchen garden spot, some fertilizer, and regular watering.
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Designing with Annuals

posted on 03/04/10. 1 comment


When planting her front yard floral extravaganza, Racine, Wisconsin, gardener Kris Reisdorf paints a picture with annuals that&#x27;s every bit as enchanting as a traditional perennial border. &quot;I aim to create a garden that looks old-fashioned and has lots of wonderful things to pick from for making bouquets,&quot; she admits. And while the look appears wholly unstructured, there is a definite plan. Learn her secrets-and then sow your own patch of blooming nostalgic beauty.
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No-Fail Annual Flowers

posted on 03/04/10. 1 comment


Drifts of blooms that flower easily and without fail can be a simple look to achieve in any garden, especially when you start with blossoms that, as Kris Reisdorf, annual gardener extraordinaire of Racine, Wisconsin, puts it, &quot;just keep on giving and giving.&quot; Her favorite flowers include the short and the tall, the bright and the blushing. All are perfect for bouquets.
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A Flower Garden From Seed

posted on 03/04/10. 0 comments


In Racine, Wisconsin, the growing season is short, but gardeners like Kris Reisdorf make the most of summer&#x27;s long, sultry days with lush annual plantings. The front yard of her home on the north shore of Lake Michigan sprouts a living tapestry in broad-sweeping beds brimming with ready-made bouquets of floral beauties. The best part of her showstopping garden is that it&#x27;s all easily grown from seed.
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February Walkthru of the Garden: Things are growing!

posted on 02/27/10. 1 comment


Spring is in the air, and the garden is waking up after a pretty short and easy winter here in the Pacific Northwest.
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First Cut Flowers of the Season!

posted on 02/27/10. 0 comments


Spring is on the way, I just know it. On a nice bright, sunny, warm Saturday morning, we went and picked Mom some flowers!
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Nature is just awesome: Snowflake Photography

posted on 02/25/10. 2 comments


We&#x27;ve all heard that no two snowflakes are alike, right? Well, check out these images of one of nature&#x27;s most perfect creations... As we yearn for Spring blooms, these crystal flowers might tide me over!
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Trend Report: Glass in the Garden

posted on 02/07/10. 2 comments


Glass blowing is one of the Pacific Northwest’s great arts, and this season, we’re seeing lots of wonderful uses of glass in the garden. To brighten up a gray day, there is nothing quite like the pop and shine of exquisitely colored and formed glass amongst the plants.
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Congrats to Seattle Urban Farm Company!

posted on 02/07/10. 3 comments


You may have seen their ad around DigtheDirt; and now anyone who went to the NW Flower &amp; Garden Show knows them too. Their &quot;Crops for Clunkers&quot; exhibit won them a Gold Award.
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trend watch: a rosy outlook this valentine's day

posted on 02/04/10. 0 comments


Help the planet out this year guys, and resist the temptation of giving a dozen cut roses... Dig this totally cool idea: bouquets of roses for years to come, all in her own backyard!
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The End of An Era: Gardens in Austin Closing

posted on 01/28/10. 3 comments


This recession is a serious drag... One of the best home &amp; garden stores in the United States is closing this weekend. Gardens in Austin, Texas was founded by James David and Gary Peese. Their design philosophy and concept for outdoor living helped shape Austin&#x27;s unique garden culture and landscape design aesthetic, and I will miss it.
more » Wants Your Extra Crops This Year!

posted on 01/28/10. 1 comment


If you grow vegetables (especially squash!) then you probably have more crops than your family can eat. Here&#x27;s a great resource to help people in need and not waste food!
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Signs of Spring

posted on 01/27/10. 2 comments


It&#x27;s still January, but with our unseasonable cold followed by unseasonable warm weather, the plants are getting a little confused!
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The Bee Line

posted on 01/25/10. 1 comment


Ever wonder where the expression &quot;make a bee line...&quot; is from? Well, bees, of course!
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The Cajun Frenchie

posted on 01/25/10. 2 comments


This weekend, I visited a rural organic farm in Mississippi. If only it were fresh vegetables or eggs I was after... Instead, a new member of the family comes home!
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Totally Tomatoes

posted on 01/15/10. 2 comments


Nothing compares to the juicy, sun-sweetened goodness of vine-ripened tomatoes. These succulent fruits signal summer&#x27;s arrival with their red, rich hues.
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Favorite Echinaceas

posted on 01/14/10. 5 comments


Whether you want to boost your immune system with this medicinal plant, or simply create a summer-long wow-fest in your garden beds, Echinacea is a must-have somewhere in your garden!
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Quirky Containers

posted on 01/11/10. 2 comments


It&#x27;s cold and raining, and Spring feels very far off... So, I&#x27;ve been looking at my garden photos and found some shots from a very fun garden in Portland, OR.
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Naure's Garden: Backyard Birds

posted on 01/10/10. 0 comments


In January, while the flowers of summer are buried under a blanket of snow in the mid-west, winter gardens remain colorful, thanks to a constant stream of visiting songbirds. This is how one rural gardener made a backyard habitat... You might not have all this space, but any of these ideas can be taken on their own for your own bird paradise.
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Weekend Project: Winter for the Birds

posted on 01/10/10. 0 comments


Winter gardens take wing when they&#x27;re well supplied with what birds need. As the first snow flurries fly and the soil freezes into a popsicle, remember to stock up for your feathered friends. Hang a variety of birdfeeders and watch those bare branches blossom with visitors. Most birds flock to feeders when they know food is available in a safe place.
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Fragrant Rose Borders

posted on 01/09/10. 1 comment


When roses grace the borders in your garden, you&#x27;ll be &quot;wowed&quot; by the results. In addition to blooming drifts of color, roses fill borders with sweet fragrance. What kind of roses work best in a border? What other plants compliment roses? Follow these design tips and prepare yourself for a border that will send your senses soaring!
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What are some good ways to stake tomoatoes?

posted on 01/08/10. 5 answers


I&#x27;ve tried the cages, but by the end of the season, my tomato plants have overwhelmed them! Anyone have other ideas on ways to keep tomato plants vertical?
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Gardening for a New Decade

posted on 01/01/10. 3 comments


Looking forward to our first official Spring at DigtheDirt; and of course, a new season of gardening!!
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Ornaments for your Tree... Outside!

posted on 12/28/09. 2 comments


Why just confine your ornament obsession to the Christmas Tree?
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Protecting Bananas for Winter - Give them a Parka!

posted on 12/28/09. 1 comment


A tropical garden is just not complete without banana plants... Especially if you can get them to grow nice and high. Up here in the Northwest, it gets a little too cold in the winter for bananas to retain their stalks, melting with the first freeze in a puddle of dull, wet, pulpy leaves. So, each year around early November, we wrap each banana stalk we care to save in a warm, protective parka of hay and planting fabric.
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Vertical Vegetable Gardening

posted on 11/19/09. 0 comments


Check out this space-saving way to have fresh organic vegetables even in the smallest of urban yards!
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Caring for Your Holiday Greens

posted on 11/14/09. 0 comments


Don&#x27;t be intimidated into waiting until December to deck the halls with fresh greenery. With a little care, you can enjoy your festive creations from Thanksgiving through New Years!
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Deck the Halls

posted on 11/14/09. 0 comments


When you deck your halls this year, get a little, well, deck-adent. Fill your whole house -- inside and out -- with fresh green garlands, wreaths, and trees of all sizes.
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Topiaries: Care & Feeding

posted on 11/13/09. 0 comments


Topiary Standards and Animals may look like works of art, but you don&#x27;t have to have the skill of Michelangelo to keep them looking great. It&#x27;s this simple: your topiaries need the same four things that all living things need: light, water, food, and a good haircut.
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Topiaries for your Thanksgiving Day Decor

posted on 11/13/09. 1 comment


What better way to set off your table than with a topiary centerpiece? Engulfed in ivy, rosemary, boxwood, and angel vine, these lush topiaries will take center stage in arrangements. It&#x27;s easy to turn your table into a masterpiece with these 10 tips for tabletop topiaries.
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Fall Clean Up!

posted on 11/05/09. 1 comment


It&#x27;s that time of year... dead leaves, spent annuals, cutting back perennials. But also a time to design!
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What varieties of garlic work well in the Pacific Northwest?

posted on 11/03/09. 1 answer


I have been wanting to plant them forever, and this year I want to try!
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Dreams of Sydney

posted on 10/31/09. 3 comments


Inspired by our first Australian member, I pulled out some photos from our trip to Sydney, where we toured some great gardens and garden centers.
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Halloween Plants Springing Up in the Garden!

posted on 10/20/09. 5 comments


It is that time of year, even in the garden!
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More Mailorder Plants

posted on 10/16/09. 4 comments


Fall planting season is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest, so we are stocking up!
more »

October in Our Garden

posted on 10/13/09. 4 comments


October 11, 2009: Garden Walk-thru <br/> <br/>Chronicling the state of our garden and plants before this amazing summer-fall season ends!
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Himalayan Blue Poppies

posted on 10/10/09. 1 comment


It&#x27;s out of season, but Daylilyjoy&#x27;s post about Clarendon made me think of my favorite blooms that I look forward to all year.
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Visiting Heronswood

posted on 10/05/09. 2 comments


On a spectacular fall day, we had the opportunity to wander and explore the grounds of Heronswood Nursery&#x27;s gardens on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington.
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Plant Delights - Delightful Indeed

posted on 10/03/09. 3 comments


I had the opportunity to tour Plants Delight in North Carolina last week, a company I have always found to ship amazing plants!
more »

Interrupting Lunch

posted on 10/02/09. 4 comments


Praying Mantis having lunch.
more »

Great Containers!

posted on 09/17/09. 2 comments


I love container gardening, especially when it&#x27;s mixed in with plantings and the gardener has a sense of fun! Here are some of my favorites I ran across this summer!
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Dahlia Mecca: Swan Island Dahlias

posted on 09/11/09. 1 comment


For some of the best garden fireworks around, go visit Swan Island Dahlias for their annual Dahlia Festival at the end of August!
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A Stroll Through Provincetown

posted on 08/15/09. 3 comments


On a gray summer day, we ventured into the streets of Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod Massachusetts, for a stroll around some wonderful gardens.
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Timing Bulbs... a few tips

posted on 08/04/09. 0 comments


Capitalize on a bulb’s timeclock. <br/> <br/>Bulbs have their own internal clockwork that allows them to bloom on a schedule. From early-season openers to late-season bloomers, there are bulbs that will keep your yard and garden supplied with constant color from late winter through late spring--when the perennials can take over.
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Good Bug. Bad Bug

posted on 06/24/09. 2 comments


It’s a bug eat bug world in your garden. In fact, if you take the time to sit in one place long enough you can often see life and death struggles going on all around you.
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posted on 06/24/09. 1 comment


These pint-sized powerhouses, hummingbirds seem to appear from nowhere, flying zig-zag patterns through every bed and border in search of nectar.
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Dragon House: Courtyard Garden / Evening Vibe

posted on 04/25/09. 0 comments


We are all about lighting, and almost enjoy our new courtyard garden more in the waning twilight where warm accent lights give way to the dark shadows in the dense tropical foliage.
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Dragon House: Courtyard Garden / First Year's Planting

posted on 04/25/09. 0 comments


With the help of excellent soil, great organic fertilizer and good plant stock, we had amazing first year growth! By the end of the summer, we had the tropical jungle vibe - tiki torches and all!
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Dargon House: Courtyard Garden / Before Shots

posted on 04/25/09. 1 comment


We certainly did not buy this house on its curb appeal, but thought that there was a diamond in the rough... To create our courtyard space, we took out the garage door, reduced the over-sized driveway and built a corrugated metal fence with gates to wall
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Dragon House: Courtyard Garden

posted on 04/25/09. 0 comments


The constant pursuit of recreating our honeymoon... <br/>
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Weekend Project: Water Garden in a Pot

posted on 04/25/09. 0 comments


What’s the hot trend in gardening this season? Cool, clean water gardens. You don’t have to excavate a pond, or even have a yard to enjoy the soothing sounds and sites of a water garden. Our water garden in a tub can easily fit on any deck or patio—you can even place it indoors!
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Dahlias Reign Supreme

posted on 04/25/09. 0 comments


For long-lasting blooms and ease of growing, no flower compares to dahlias. Plump buds unfold to reveal picture-perfect petals that linger for up to two weeks in the garden—and in the vase, too.
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A No-Flower Bouquet

posted on 04/24/09. 0 comments


Next time you stroll out to the garden to gather a few fresh pickings for a bouquet, try a different approach.When you focus on foliage, the often-challenging task of arranging a bouquet becomes a simple but impressive feat.
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Preparing for Royalty

posted on 04/23/09. 1 comment


Monarch butterflies are regal insects and one of the wonders of the insect world, migrating across the United States, with only their four crepe paper-like wings and tiny bodies to fight against bad weather, predators, and car bumpers.
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