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Overwhelmed by weeding and garden chores

posted on 03/14/10. 1 comment


Yesterday I realized how much I chosen to bite off this year, and it is a little overwhelming. In weeding activity alone, our backyard is currently keeping me fully occupied in the weed deletion department...but now we are actively pursuing the front yard and that means double! <br/> <br/>
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Gorgeous end to February

posted on 03/01/10. 1 comment


The first daffodil showed up in the yard this weekend. <br/> <br/>
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still relying on those hellebores

posted on 02/26/10. 1 comment


Even though we have had gorgeous weather here in Seattle, bloom time hasn&#x27;t hit much of my yard yet. So I am still thankful for the reliable hellebores, still going strong, still bringing a bit of relief for the dead season. The witch hazel unfortunately is already on the way out.
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