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The garden is in!

posted on 06/01/10. 2 comments


So we finally got the garden planted, and things are looking pretty well established. We also turned the chicken coop around and built them a run along the end of the house. Next on the to-do list is sod! Here are some new pics: <br/> <br/>The finished bed, marke
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Stacked rain barrels

posted on 03/01/10. 3 comments


For my birthday (2 years ago) my parents bought me rain barrels. Well, technically, they got me 4 food grade barrels and most of the parts to convert them into rain barrels. And said rain barrels have sat in my side yard ever since, unassembled. Dustin de
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bulding the garden, phase two

posted on 02/21/10. 2 comments


<br/>The&amp;nbsp;soil is in the beds! Dustin went and picked up 2 yards of compost-soil blend yesterday and filled the beds for me. I was in the house tending to a sick 5 yr old. :-( We&#x27;ve had to block off the back of the house because the dog keeps jumping in
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posted on 02/19/10. 2 comments


take a look at these cute ladies!
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Building the garden, phase one

posted on 02/19/10. 2 comments


Yay! Got started on my new garden today. I have a small area (8&#x27; wide by 40&#x27; long) behind my house that had 3-8&#x27; long raised flower beds when I bought the house. The beds were surrounded by gravel - the large, sharp kind. I&#x27;ve always hated it, and finally
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