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High Five To All You Generous Gardeners'

posted on 04/07/12. 1 comment


<br/> I found myself among a small group of women the other night; no one knew each other at all. We were taking a break from an evening class; we were all trying to make small talk while snacking and sipping ice tea. Others forced topics like the weather
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What is eating my veggies?

posted on 05/20/11. 3 comments


Need help with my container garden!
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Gardening season is almost here!

posted on 02/11/11. 3 comments


I am excited about my second year in the world of gardening and have decided to go for a theme in my garden beds this year!
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Cheep. Cheep. Cheep.

posted on 09/11/10. 1 comment


What can be done with salvage and giveaways...
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How do you save sunflower seeds?

posted on 09/02/10. 2 comments


Wanting to do it, but don&#x27;t know how....
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The late summer vegetable garden

posted on 09/02/10. 3 comments


I am glad that I took the time to put in a garden even if it is a rental!
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Garden Walk About

posted on 09/02/10. 4 comments


A small.. (very small) look into my apartment patio gardening.
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Has anyone done anything with humanure ?

posted on 07/07/10. 1 answer


I&#x27;ve been doing some research on the use of Humanure in organic gardening. It seems that there is almost as much controversy as the raw milk debate.Anyone have any feedback from personal experience?
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Ms.Sandy's Feng Shui Gardening Tips

posted on 06/30/10. 2 comments


Definition of Feng Shui <br/>
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Greek Quinoa Salad

posted on 06/15/10. 3 comments


Using fresh herbs from your garden such as parsley and mint makes the flavors of the cucumbers and tomatoes pop! This is a perfect summer salad that you can make and take to a party as a fresh side dish with lots of home-grown vegetables.
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feel good friday

posted on 05/21/10. 4 comments


OK even though I have made some enormous mistakes in the garden there are a few plant high fives I need to give myself.
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Wordless Wednesday- it's nice to be silent!

posted on 05/19/10. 4 comments


Every Wednesday bloggers from around the world just show some simple gardening pictures they love- no words. I am going to follow their lead- come join me and do your own &quot;wordless wednesday&quot; post every Wednesday!
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You Know You're Addicted to Gardening When...

posted on 05/18/10. 7 comments


Some sure fire signs you are a fellow gardening addict, gathered from across cyberspace- because admitting you have a problem is the first step.
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I have heard that Delphiniums are a short-lived plant. Exactly how would short lived be defined? Two seasons?

posted on 05/16/10. 4 answers


I have hard that Delphiniums are a short-lived plant. How long can I expect mine to live? I&#x27;ve had them one year so far. <br/>Also, does anyone else have trouble getting them to start from seed?
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q & a with Ward House- official dig the dirt contributor

posted on 03/16/10. 4 comments


Annette of Ward House is an amazing woman who took her teen-aged daughters out of a fast paced lifestyle and is trying her best at &quot;homesteading&quot;. Here she tells us why and how this all came to be! Inspiring to say the least.
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q & a with paula- official contributor

posted on 03/10/10. 4 comments


Here is a great Q &amp; A with our newest guest contributor!!!
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Water Gardening

posted on 03/10/10. 10 comments


The importance of water in the garden.
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Helping you raise your mason bees

posted on 03/08/10. 8 comments


We are so lucky to have people in this world who care so much about the bees in this world. Dave Hunter is one of those people!
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when to start, and with what??

posted on 03/07/10. 4 answers


Based on Steve Solomon&#x27;s `Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades&#x27; and `The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide&#x27; from Seattle Tilth, I think I&#x27;m ready to order seeds and start sowing spinach, bulb onions and maybe a few potatoes, plus some flowers.&amp;nbsp; Is i
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Tomato Basics & Care Guide: How to Grow Terrific Tomatoes

posted on 03/04/10. 3 comments


It&#x27;s easy! Just follow these basic, simple tips and you&#x27;ll be well on your way to spectacular feasts.
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I wanna be a bird

posted on 03/04/10. 2 comments


Did you ever spend a whole day in a tree when you were little, looking down on the world below? Get that inner bird out and go stay in your own little bird house!
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Hoppin' on the hellebore bandwagon

posted on 03/02/10. 4 comments


Discover one of the most satisfying harbingers of spring
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Neem Oil: An organic insecticide

posted on 02/26/10. 0 comments


This oil has been used in India as a natural pest control for hundreds, or maybe it&#x27;s thousands of years- well it&#x27;s been a really long time... and it now comes ready to use in your garden! Even though it sounds like someone paid me to say that, they didn&#x27;t. I wish they would.
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Farmer's Markets around the country

posted on 02/24/10. 2 comments


I am trying to compile a list of farmer&#x27;s markets all around the country and give them links so you can find them!
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posted on 02/19/10. 2 comments


take a look at these cute ladies!
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Seed Starting | How to Start Broccoli Seedlings

posted on 02/18/10. 0 comments


Starting broccoli for your kitchen garden is one easy way to add some crunch to your salads! Of all the brassicas, or members of the cole family (Cruciferae), delicious, tender broccoli is the easiest to start indoors. But you must start it early, as the heads need time to mature before hot weather arrives.
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Upside Down Tomato Growing methods

posted on 02/16/10. 3 answers


I&#x27;ve seen those hanging pots that allow tomato plants to grow down and without the cages.&amp;nbsp; <br/>Does it work?&amp;nbsp; Pros vs. Cons?&amp;nbsp;
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The top 10 vines to grow in your garden

posted on 02/08/10. 2 comments


Soar to new height with flowering annual vines! They defy gravity and add instant architecture to your garden.
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gardening on a serious budget

posted on 02/02/10. 4 comments


You really don&#x27;t have to spend a lot of money to add plants to your life, you just have to use a little creativity maybe some muscle to go with it.
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How Homemade Pasta and Backyard Chickens Just Might Save The World

posted on 01/27/10. 5 comments


The tale of a cook who in search of exceptional ingredients ended up becoming a farmer of sorts
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amazing markers and stakes

posted on 01/26/10. 3 comments


Check out some of these ways to make your garden even prettier!
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plant a tea garden

posted on 01/20/10. 3 comments


there is a serious revolution in the world of teas going on and I am joining! I am going to plant my own tea in my kitchen garden this year and brew fresh teas!
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planning your salad garden

posted on 01/13/10. 0 comments


Prepackaged salads are all the rage in grocery stores these days. Little plastic bags packed with shreds of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and other assorted greens. These instant salads are definitely convenient, but are they worth the price, considering how easy it is to grow your own fresh salad greens (that probably taste a lot better) right at your back door?
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Small Budget Gardener

posted on 12/15/09. 3 comments


A book that gives great ideas on how to keep your budget down and you garden growing.
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The All New Square Foot Gardening Cookbook

posted on 12/08/09. 1 comment


Need great recipes for your amazing vegetable garden? This companion book to the best selling gardening book ever tells you how to get the most out of your veggies!
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questions and we need answers!

posted on 11/20/09. 1 comment


help this poor californian out with her garden!
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bigger is better- the amaryllis bulb

posted on 11/12/09. 0 comments


Yep, sorry to say it folks, but size does matter when it comes to amaryllis bulbs.
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Turn those pumpkins into soup!

posted on 11/01/09. 3 comments


Got leftover pumpkins, acorn squash or butternut squash? Try this Thai pumpkin soup recipe!
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Amaryllis for the Holidays!

posted on 10/21/09. 4 comments


You don&#x27;t need a degree in horticulture to grow amaryllis. They are so easy to grow even a kindergartner can plant them and get great results. Drop them into some soil, give them a good drink, and stand back. In four to six weeks, you&#x27;ll have your very own spectacular display of bloom. That&#x27;s because unlike other forced bulbs, amaryllis require no pre-cooling in order to bloom; they&#x27;re ready to go right after you buy them. So, turn those winter blues into happy holidays; you&#x27;ve got bulbs to plant.
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Grow a sponge!

posted on 10/13/09. 0 comments


Who says you need a great big yard to garden? You can experience the thrill of seeds sprouting with just a tiny sponge. All you need is a sponge, water, and seeds, and you&#x27;re ready to grow!
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Eat Your Yard!

posted on 10/06/09. 3 comments


One of the best ways to liven up your cooking is to grow some new and interesting vegetables that you never knew you could, as well as grow the old standbys like tomatoes and basil. With the help of companies like Cascadian Edible Landscapes your vegetable garden is on its way!
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Plant Delights - Delightful Indeed

posted on 10/03/09. 3 comments


I had the opportunity to tour Plants Delight in North Carolina last week, a company I have always found to ship amazing plants!
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Succulent plant wall; A bit of a different way to do containers.

posted on 09/14/09. 5 comments


Succulent Plant Wall
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posted on 04/24/09. 0 comments


Tip for planting vegetables in your small space garden.
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The Ripe Time

posted on 04/24/09. 2 comments


There&#x27;s nothing better than freshly picked jewel-toned tomatoes. Their mouth-filling, tangy sweet flavor is one of the main reasons to grow a summer vegetable garden!
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