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Happy Spring! Bananas Emerge from Hibernation!

posted on 03/21/11. 4 comments


In the Fall, I shared my neurotic lengths to over-winter my banana plants in Seattle... 5 months later, it's time to see if my stand-out plants survived!
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Gardening season is almost here!

posted on 02/11/11. 3 comments


I am excited about my second year in the world of gardening and have decided to go for a theme in my garden beds this year!
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Planting a square foot salad garden | video

posted on 12/03/10. 1 comment


The Square foot Gardening method originated by Mel Bartholomew is one of the most tried and true ways to plant your raised vegetable bed. Here we have a video tutorial on how to create a Square foot salad garden for you to try!
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Indoor gardening | Storing Onions

posted on 11/10/10. 0 comments


Storing onions indoors after harvesting onions is relatively easy and always adds great flavor to your recipes. If you grow onions in your garden this is an important part of the process to keep enjoying onions long after they have been harvested.
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How to Plant an Amaryllis in Clusters

posted on 10/27/10. 0 comments


There's nothing more stunning than a stand of amaryllis blooms in a pot to create a focal point for your holiday table. Here's a short video to show you how!
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What do you do after you take tomato plants out of the garden?

posted on 10/18/10. 1 comment


Just getting rid of my tomato plants!
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Mercer Island chicken rules?

posted on 10/04/10. 2 answers


I'm trying to find info on keeping chickens on the island, e.g. how many, any building restrictions. Anyone out there with the answer? Thanks!
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Going Bananas in Seattle

posted on 08/27/10. 2 comments


After 4 years of babying a small grove of banana trees, the fruit of my labor has appeared!
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feel good friday

posted on 05/21/10. 4 comments


OK even though I have made some enormous mistakes in the garden there are a few plant high fives I need to give myself.
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You Know You're Addicted to Gardening When...

posted on 05/18/10. 7 comments


Some sure fire signs you are a fellow gardening addict, gathered from across cyberspace- because admitting you have a problem is the first step.
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When is the right time to harvest Bok Choy... and how?

posted on 05/07/10. 2 answers


<br/>OK, so I am pretty new at all this vegetable stuff outside cherry tomatoes! My bok choy is starting to look pretty big and yummy, but I&#x27;m not sure if it&#x27;s time to harvest? And, if it is, it seems like at the store, it&#x27;s basically the entire plant cut ri
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Come on little seedlings...

posted on 05/07/10. 1 comment


Seed starts have never been my thing... but this year, with a lot of encouragement, we started vegetable seeds in our living room. So far so good!
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I ate my spinach

posted on 04/30/10. 5 comments


Tendergreen Mustard Spinach has been grown and eaten. If you wanna know how to get your kids to eat it... one word - BUTTER.
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Lakeridge School Garden

posted on 04/29/10. 0 comments


Our garden bed build is coming together!
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Grow a Rainbow of Heirloom Tomatoes

posted on 04/27/10. 6 comments


Learn a lot about heirloom tomatoes.
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Anyone know how to plant asparagus?

posted on 03/22/10. 3 answers


I got this at the edible plant sale and have no idea how to plant it. <br/> <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp;
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Edible Plant Sale: Seattle Tilth

posted on 03/22/10. 1 comment


Every Spring Seattle Tilth holds an edible plant sale and this year I made out like a bandit. Now all I have to do is learn how to plant asparagus!
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Spring into bed!

posted on 03/17/10. 0 comments


A city-wide community garden bed building event is coming up in Seattle and if you want to join in on the fun they would love your help!
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Anyone growing asparagus on MI?

posted on 03/16/10. 2 comments


I&#x27;m thinking about asparagus this year, but didn&#x27;t know if I should start the seeds indoors or sow directly in the ground? Anyone have experience with this one?
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q & a with paula- official contributor

posted on 03/10/10. 4 comments


Here is a great Q &amp; A with our newest guest contributor!!!
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How do you prevent squash bugs?

posted on 03/10/10. 4 answers


Squash bugs can really wipe out a sqash crop, and I wanted to know how to prevent them before they attack!
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Helping you raise your mason bees

posted on 03/08/10. 8 comments


We are so lucky to have people in this world who care so much about the bees in this world. Dave Hunter is one of those people!
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when to start, and with what??

posted on 03/07/10. 4 answers


Based on Steve Solomon&#x27;s `Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades&#x27; and `The Maritime Northwest Garden Guide&#x27; from Seattle Tilth, I think I&#x27;m ready to order seeds and start sowing spinach, bulb onions and maybe a few potatoes, plus some flowers.&amp;nbsp; Is i
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Why didn't my corn grow last year?

posted on 03/03/10. 2 answers


I had a very small crop of corn last year, which didn&#x27;t seems to work out-- any suggestions on how to do it better this year?
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Lakeridge Elementary to start 5 new beds!

posted on 03/01/10. 1 comment


The growing continues as this elementary school is going to be building and planting 5 new beds!
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What type of blueberry plants do you grow together for beneficial planting?

posted on 03/01/10. 3 answers


I want to grow blueberries this year but don&#x27;t know which types you should plant together for maximum benefit of the plants. Which two have worked for you? <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>&amp;nbsp;
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Neem Oil: An organic insecticide

posted on 02/26/10. 0 comments


This oil has been used in India as a natural pest control for hundreds, or maybe it&#x27;s thousands of years- well it&#x27;s been a really long time... and it now comes ready to use in your garden! Even though it sounds like someone paid me to say that, they didn&#x27;t. I wish they would.
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Do you have a chicken coop you'd like to show off?

posted on 02/25/10. 0 answers


Seattle Tilth is looking for some chicken coops for the chicken coop tour in July!&amp;nbsp; If you&#x27;re interested in showing off your hard work give them a ring! <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>Seattle Tilth Webiste
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Information on Western Washington Native Plants

posted on 02/23/10. 1 comment


Native plants benefit our environment and wildlife habitat. Consider adding some to your landscaping.
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Leap for green Fair on Mercer!!

posted on 02/19/10. 1 comment


Join us at the Leap for Green Fair on Mercer Island, WA to raise awareness for sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and having fun with nature!
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Seed Starting | How to Start Broccoli Seedlings

posted on 02/18/10. 0 comments


Starting broccoli for your kitchen garden is one easy way to add some crunch to your salads! Of all the brassicas, or members of the cole family (Cruciferae), delicious, tender broccoli is the easiest to start indoors. But you must start it early, as the heads need time to mature before hot weather arrives.
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Rain Gardens

posted on 02/12/10. 2 comments


After moving from Los Angeles to Seattle, I have to come to grips with the fact that I live in a place that rains ALL the time. So I have to kick my succulent habit and start living in reality!
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Is there a safe, nontoxic way to control slugs and snails?

posted on 01/13/10. 6 answers


I don&#x27;t like to kill, but I hate these things! <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>
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How can I protect my seedlings from infection by diseases?

posted on 01/13/10. 1 answer


I&#x27;m worried about infections of diseases when my seedlings are just getting going... any preventitive steps?&amp;nbsp; <br/>
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My seedlings are spindly. What can I do?

posted on 01/13/10. 1 answer


They look so thin, like they won&#x27;t be abe to withstand a light wind!
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planning your salad garden

posted on 01/13/10. 0 comments


Prepackaged salads are all the rage in grocery stores these days. Little plastic bags packed with shreds of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, and other assorted greens. These instant salads are definitely convenient, but are they worth the price, considering how easy it is to grow your own fresh salad greens (that probably taste a lot better) right at your back door?
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chickens and their coops

posted on 11/10/09. 3 comments


I have really been thinking about jumping on this bandwagon.
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Edible plants | Strawberry Plants in a pocket!

posted on 10/16/09. 3 comments


Edible plants are a great way to the gummy bears out of your kid&#x27;s paws and sweeten your kids life with yummy strawberry plants. Get those kids digging their hands in the dirt and have them plant their own edible garden with strawberry plants in individual containers with pockets. Not only will they be happy with the treat from Nature, but your porch will look pretty too! Double win!!
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Eat Your Yard!

posted on 10/06/09. 3 comments


One of the best ways to liven up your cooking is to grow some new and interesting vegetables that you never knew you could, as well as grow the old standbys like tomatoes and basil. With the help of companies like Cascadian Edible Landscapes your vegetable garden is on its way!
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