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2014 Inside Austin Gardens Tour

posted on 04/10/14. 0 comments


You are invited to the Inside Austin Gardens tour featuring six gardens of exemplary quality and design. The tour is presented by Travis County Master Gardeners Association in cooperation with the Travis County AgriLife Extension Service on Saturday, May
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Water Wise

posted on 07/10/13. 0 comments


Guidelines for water use in the landscape.
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Early Blight and Other Pestilence

posted on 06/25/13. 0 comments


Fiddle Faddle, the pestilence is here.
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Hydrangea-mania (part 2)

posted on 06/19/13. 0 comments


Some absolutely fabulous new varieties to check out.
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June Gardening

posted on 06/03/13. 0 comments


What is going on and what is next!
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Legacy Gardening

posted on 05/21/13. 0 comments


How it all started for me....
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An Herb Primer

posted on 05/15/13. 0 comments


Growing herbs is easy!
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Spring Bouquet

posted on 04/02/13. 0 comments


First blooms of the spring!
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San Antonio Riverwalk

posted on 03/23/13. 0 comments


Not a garden per se, but the containers and planters were gorgeous!!
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Composting 101

posted on 03/20/13. 0 comments


An introduction to composting and using coffee grounds
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A Visit to Wisley (RHS)

posted on 03/20/13. 0 comments


Pics of a December visit to Wisley - the flagship gardens of the Royal Horticultural Society.
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Signs of Spring around my hilltop garden

posted on 03/07/13. 0 comments


Spring has come early to Central Texas.
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Root Knot Nematodes

posted on 03/07/13. 0 comments


Garden saga of fighting root knot nematodes
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posted on 03/01/13. 0 comments


Spring is here - when do I prune!?
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Micro Irrigation

posted on 03/01/13. 0 comments


A quick rundown on the benefits of micro irrigation.
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Dreaming of Spring

posted on 03/01/13. 0 comments


Waiting for warm weather and reviewing some of the past visitors to my garden.
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Basil Pesto

posted on 02/12/13. 0 comments


An old Italian recipe for traditional pesto.
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South Texas Botanical Garden

posted on 02/02/13. 1 comment


A few pics of my trip to the Botanical Gardens in Corpus Christi
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Seed Starting

posted on 01/26/13. 0 comments


How to start veggies by seed
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Garden Tools

posted on 01/26/13. 0 comments


The right tool for the right job and how to care for them.
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Gardens in Minature

posted on 01/26/13. 0 comments


Gardening can be done on a small scale for big enjoyment.
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Inside Austin Garden Tour

posted on 10/15/12. 2 comments


Come one come all, it's a preview of the 2012 Inside Austin Gardens Tour
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Turfgrass care in Autumn

posted on 10/06/12. 0 comments


Ok yard lovers, this one’s for you. Green grass is a thing of beauty but it does require some deliberate care to keep a lawn looking it’s best. October 15 is the LAST time for the year to fertilize a lawn in the Austin area (Zone 8). Grass re
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A Riot of Color

posted on 09/28/12. 1 comment


Fall is a glorious time in my garden...maybe even prettier than the spring.
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Fall Perennial Planting - passalong plants

posted on 09/14/12. 0 comments


What to do now in the garden in Central Texas, zone 8
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Apple Season -- What's your favorite apple?

posted on 09/10/12. 1 comment


Longing for apples....
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Morning Glory Muffins

posted on 08/29/12. 1 comment


A great in hand breakfast with autumn ingredients you can make ahead for those mornings you are rushing out the door. <br/>
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Apple Season

posted on 08/27/12. 0 comments


In anticipation of the apple harvest - here are some recipes!
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Fall Vegetable Gardening - Central Texas

posted on 08/15/12. 1 comment


Want a fresh vegetable crop this Fall? Now is the time to plant!
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Latest Crop - Apples

posted on 08/10/12. 0 comments


August is upon us - the end of summer is in sight, the days are becoming shorter, school is back on the radar and though it&#x27;s still really hot where I live, the promise of cooler weather is close. It&#x27;s almost apple time!
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Lavender Festival

posted on 07/28/12. 0 comments


Earlier this summer, my sister and I took my girls to Wimberley, TX for the annual lavender festival.
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Latest Crop - A Bouquet

posted on 07/28/12. 0 comments


There were some lovely flowers entered into the database this week. Pretty in the garden and in a vase.
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Latest Crop - Hydrangea-mania!

posted on 07/22/12. 0 comments


I must confess that I’ve never grown a hydrangea, but I have long been an admirer. My friends have grown them in pots, and my mother in law had beautiful hydrangeas in her garden. Maybe next year I will try one of these. Now to decide which variety!! <br/>
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Firewise Landscaping

posted on 07/13/12. 0 comments


With summer here and concern about wildfires is high in dry areas of our country, information about FireWise Landscaping is timely.
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Latest Crop - Color!

posted on 07/13/12. 0 comments


Color and lots of it was added to the database this week. Here are just a few gorgeous plants to check out. Can you find a space for them in your garden?!
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Latest Crop - Red, White and Blue

posted on 07/06/12. 0 comments


Lovely red, white and blue plants are some of my favorites.
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Garden Visitors

posted on 07/03/12. 0 comments


Some fun garden visitors....
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Latest Crop -cool plants

posted on 06/29/12. 0 comments


This week some particularly interesting plants went into the database. Tons of varieties of Maple trees, orchids and clematis just to name a few. I&#x27;ve linked to some places where you can find out about the plants, butterflies and birds.
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Latest Crop - Summer survivors

posted on 06/22/12. 0 comments


With summer’s official arrival, the heat is on in much of the country. Here are some plants that are super summer survivors.
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Latest Crop - a sampling of new plants added to the plant database this week!

posted on 06/15/12. 0 comments


Summer – this season is full of patriotic events and times. Memorial Day, then Flag Day to the Fourth of July. So, in honor of the season, all things American is the theme for this week’s Latest Crop. We’ve added many plants to the Digthedirt plant database this week. Here are 5 of my favorites.
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Latest Crop: New Plant Additions in DigtheDirt Plant Database

posted on 06/08/12. 0 comments


We’ve added many plants to the Digthedirt plant database this week. Here are 5 of my favorites - a few herbs, a prolific bloomer and a water plant. I have included links to more information about each one. <br/>
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posted on 04/27/12. 1 comment


Garden Harvest already!
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Garden - March 31, 2012

posted on 04/01/12. 1 comment


It was a beautiful today in Austin, though a little warm (low 90&#x27;s). My kids were out back exploring and came across some snakes. Hope they don&#x27;t show up in the upper yard! <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>I took the time today to finish planting the veggie garden (minus
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Visit to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

posted on 10/04/10. 3 comments


Wonderful visit at the Wildflower Center in late September.
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Rockwork - putting in flagstone stairs

posted on 08/05/10. 2 comments


Our back staircase was lovely when it was first installed - limestone risers with crushed granite. But not so much 5 years later - it was time for a change!
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Cucumbers - update!

posted on 07/28/10. 3 comments


I had written earlier that my cucumber plant was not producing, but things have changed!
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Coastal Images

posted on 07/09/10. 2 comments


Photos taken in Scituate, MA, near Boston.
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Wordless Wednesday - Veggies and Blooms

posted on 06/23/10. 2 comments


<br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>&amp;nbsp;
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Why are my baby cucumbers dying?

posted on 06/17/10. 3 answers


My cucumber plant seems to be full of baby cukes, but shortly after the flower dies, so does the baby cuke.&amp;nbsp; What do I need to do?
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Wordless Wednesday - last photos of Memphis Botanic Garden

posted on 06/16/10. 1 comment


<br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>
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Lemon-Herb Vinaigrette

posted on 06/15/10. 1 comment


I love lemon herbs such as: lemon balm, lemon thyme, lemon basil and lemon verbena and was delighted to find this vinaigrette recipe to use these lemon herbs in the summer edition of Edible Austin.
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Wordless Wednesday - Japanese Garden

posted on 06/02/10. 3 comments


Photos from the Japanese Garden at the Memphis Botanic Garden.
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My Big Backyard - Memphis Botanic Garden

posted on 05/30/10. 1 comment


UPDATED! We visited the Memphis Botanic Garden over Memorial Day weekend. It is reputed to have one of the best childrens garden in the country.
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Anyone know what kind of mushroom this is?

posted on 05/27/10. 4 answers


This mushroom is growing out of a cedar post by my front door.&amp;nbsp; Any ideas on what it is?
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Wordless Wednesday

posted on 05/26/10. 1 comment


<br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/>
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Hibiscus help

posted on 05/25/10. 2 comments


My hibiscus leaves are yellowing and falling off.&amp;nbsp; i see some webs and am wondering if spider mites are getting it.&amp;nbsp; I read about spraying 1:1 rubbing alcohol/water solution on the leaves.&amp;nbsp; Has anyone ever tried that?
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Wild blooms abound, wild creatures found

posted on 05/16/10. 3 comments


Wild blooms and wild life around my little spot.
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What is this powdery mildew on my zuccini plants?

posted on 05/16/10. 2 answers


I think my zucchini might have powdery I treat it or rip it out?&amp;nbsp; What do I treat it with?
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To Weed or Not to Weed

posted on 05/07/10. 2 comments


Musings on waiting for wild flowers.
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Bloom and Grow!

posted on 04/30/10. 2 comments


I love Spring!&amp;nbsp; <br/>The Garden woke up this year with my heirloom irises blooming profusely.&amp;nbsp; They came from my friend Carol, who got hers from another friend.&amp;nbsp; Pass along plants are the best! <br/>&amp;nbsp; <br/> <br/>One of my favorite plants blooms this t
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Gotta love that Bluebonnet Spring!

posted on 04/05/10. 2 comments


What a delightful day we had today.&amp;nbsp; I slept in later than usual (8 am) which was lovely, since I haven&amp;rsquo;t been sleeping well.&amp;nbsp; The day was full of Easter celebration, good company with extended family and fabulous food.&amp;nbsp; All that foll
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What is this white mystery wildflower?

posted on 03/05/10. 4 answers


This plant is growing on my neighbors property.&amp;nbsp; So far none in the neighborhood garden club have been able to identify it.&amp;nbsp; Any guesses? <br/>
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Creamy Dill Sauce

posted on 03/05/10. 1 comment


Wondering how to use those spices from your kitchen garden? Here is a recipe for the bounty of dill from the CSA I belong to, which prompted me to find a way to use it.
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Tomato Seed Progress

posted on 03/01/10. 2 comments


I am amazed at the difference between the peat pellets and the seed starting mix in the peat pots. <br/>
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Planting Day

posted on 02/16/10. 1 comment


I love planting day! Here&#x27;s the latest news from my garden.
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Tomato seeds growing!

posted on 01/27/10. 1 comment


The tomato seed saga continues....
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Seeds started

posted on 01/22/10. 1 comment


Starting to grow seeds
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Has anyone been successful growing tomatoes from seed?

posted on 01/12/10. 2 answers


I have some heirloom tomato seeds I want to grow. Would love some specific direction about the best way to start them! Especially looking for info about container to start, heating mat/pad and whether or not I need grow lights or if a sunny window will wo
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Favorite Gardening Books

posted on 11/11/09. 2 comments


I love to read and I love to garden. I also love to read about gardening! Here are some of my recent favorites.
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Whirring and Buzzing

posted on 09/13/09. 2 comments


Photos of fall blooms and critters in the garden.
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Hill Top Veggies

posted on 07/14/09. 5 comments


After 3 years of fighting a losing battle to the squirrels and deer, we decided to create a vegetable Fort Knox. We used PVC pipe for a frame, wire fencing to surround it and chicken wire to cover the top. We spray painted the frame green to match the f
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Hill Top Backyard Natives

posted on 04/27/09. 2 comments


Gardening on our hill top, we decided to let the back hill slope stay native (with a little help.) Seasonally, I pull up the undesireables. I did attempt to plant some wildflower seeds 2 years ago. A very limited variety actually came up. I really didn
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Hill Top Garden

posted on 04/26/09. 4 comments


I love my garden. As I pull into my driveway, I pause to watch the hummingbirds flit, the grasses sway and just take a second to sigh and appreciate the colors in nature. Living in Central Texas on top of solid rock and in the middle of a drought cycle ma
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