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digthedirt is about gardening, outdoor living and loving our planet!

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We dig digging in the dirt.

We love to dig. We love the dirt.

We love to get the dirt on everything garden.

We dig gardening.

The smell of fresh soil and new leaves.

The feel of a great trowel in your hand.

A quiet morning stroll in your garden before the world wakes up, cup of joe in hand, welcoming new buds, blooms and growth.

Silly gardening hats and overalls, covered in as much dirt as your kids’ play clothes.

We dig plants.

Collecting plants, checking out new plants, photographing plants, caring for plants, growing plants.

Sharing what we know about plants from each of our points of view.

Loving what plants do for our world.

We dig the earth.

Being outside as much as possible.

Bringing the garden into our kitchens.

Teaching our kids to grow things.

Escaping into our own personal outdoors.

Do you dig digging in the dirt too?

Come hang out with us.

Come help build our new online garden plot.

Come upload a plant.

Come share your garden dirt with everyone.

Come make some new gardening friends.

Come dig in the dirt!